100 miles – Week 2

WOW, sums it up for this week.

Lets get to the important things:

  • $25 Dunkin Donut gift card. Who runs on Dunkin?!?!? This was meant to encourage runners to stay on task, to reach the 100 mile goal. Anyone who has logged 45 miles through Nov 15 at midnight was eligible. Using the randomresult.com page, the winner is……Philip H. Congrats!!! (all the confetti, music plays)
  • Weekly Running Wild Prize, choice of a Runner’s High shirt, Runners for Boston shirt or Running Wild Socks. To be eligible each week, just be current with your log. This week’s winner is…………Matt M. WOOHOO, party like it’s 1999!
  • Weekly Corridor Running Prize of a CR tech shirt, fingers crossed.  This prize is also awarded to anyone who is current with their log. The winner is ( drum roll please)……………….Tana Ohrt, congrats, fireworks explode!

If I haven’t contacted you, please make sure I have your mailing address


I reached out on twitter and @janieliz19 responded, the 100 mile challenge has partnered with her virtual 5k. Here are the official details for the race: Don’t Worry Be Thankful 5k. A virtual race is great, you can run it at any time, any where; within the rules, that fits in your schedule. One lucky 100 mile participant will receive a free entry Nov 24th. Jane is fundraising for the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, as part of the 2015 Boston Marathon. If you would like to sign up on your own that would be great too, it’s only $22, there is a medal, and an opportunity to win some awesome prizes.

Thank you Jane, continued luck on meeting your fundraising and running goals.


I did not race this weekend, pick your jaw off the ground and continue reading. As you all know or may have heard, I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis (PF). This problem all started over a year ago, I went to the PT at that time and was given all sorts of exercises and an insert for my shoe.  I believe the problem flared up again when I donated the shoes that had the insert, I also pushed a pair of running shoes over 500 miles.

That brings us to today, I am on the mend, or so I believe. This challenge has really been tough for me. I was hitting over 100 miles per month, until October. Running anywhere from 30-50 miles per week. I really needed to stop running, so that is what I did, but it only lasted a week. I took to the bike, and workout videos.  I realized running is my sanity, I need to run.

I scheduled an appointment with the PT, I was custom fitted for inserts, for both feet. Through my chiropractor I was able to get a TENS machine, I have been rolling, icing and stretching, and I sleep in a night boot.  My foot feels better, and I am maintaining a min 20-25 miles a week, the challenge is pushing me to get out the door.

So thanks to everyone participating, you don’t need to run 50 miles a week, just a little encouragement and listening to your body still keeps me running.

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