TRACK Friday

Friday November 29, 2014. 5:00 am, dark, 16 degrees. City High Track, Iowa City, IA. One mile prediction race.

Registration: Submit an email with predicted mile time to race organizer, pay $5. No price increase. No chip. No shirt.

No packet pick up – rather meet at the running store, confirm your predicted time, were given a bib for results.

Race – One mile at the City High School track.

Post Race – results at the running store, Starbucks coffee and baked goods, results announced.

Overall – I will always try to do this as anyone has the chance to win, it is also super laid back.

Personal: The race was held on “Black Friday” However in Hawkeye land, it’s also “Black and Gold Friday” Which means Josh has to work, and I will attend / tailgate at the last home football game. This race was super laid back, organized by Phil at Running Wild. The idea was to meet at the Running Wild store in downtown Iowa City, run the 1.65 miles to the track, run the track, then run back to the store.

With our schedules, Josh and I ran to the track from our home, just over a mile. We met the group that ran from the store at about 5:15 am. Kate also joined the race (she wanted to make sure she made the blog ) There were not a lot of us, so we ran one heat. Josh and I also adjusted our times before we started.

Josh estimated a 6:15 mile – readjusted to 7:15

I estimated an 8:19 mile, I added 12 seconds after I saw the conditions.

The track was covered in a dusting of snow and ice. The person responsible for turning on the lights did not show up, we ran in the dark. I had worn a head lamp to the track, so I was fortunate to see the track.

All the runners were off, my goal was to not be lapped until I at least covered an 800… I wasn’t lapped until maybe about 875, lol.

It was tough, but the cold kept us moving. Josh crossed the finish ahead of me and because he needed to get moving to work, he then ran back home.

I finished, and then saw Kate coming in and ran the last lap with her.

We were all done, a few caught a ride in a car, while I ran back to the store with the speedy group. I am not sure they knew I was there.

Arriving back at the store we were greeted with heat, coffee and some baked goods. The results were tallied as we milled about.

Kate’s name was announced first, she was the most off her predicted time, cuz she smoked it…dang girl!  My name was not much further behind, I was off my 34 seconds or so.. I ran a sub 8 minute mile 7:58, DAMN!!! (thank you thanksgiving pie and beer!)  The rest of the field results were announced, Josh had a 7:01 mile.  Each participant could choose a material prize (socks, arm sleeves, laces or a t-shirt) and a gift card to either a local restaurant or the store.


Even though I had to get up at an insane time to do this, I had a great time. All those people spending their money on black Friday deals, we were out having fun running off our Thanksgiving meals. I loved the laid back nature and ease. I hope that I can do this again.



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