M4M Monday

I am a chapter coordinator for Medals 4 Mettle. In summary this charity accepts donated race medals and then gives them to people who need them more, people displaying courage, or mettle maybe in a race for their own life. You can read more about my involvement here.

With my 35th birthday approaching, I would like to purchase 35 medal ribbons, and I need your help to do this.


As you can see I can use more than 35 ribbons.

1/22/15 UPDATE: I have raised enough for 25 ribbons, from this fundraising drive. THANK YOU ( I ordered these ribbons and they were sent to me. I am not sure how the fundraising page works, and why the money is not deducted from my account, but I assure you this is all going towards the medal ribbons)

image I just received 25 ribbons, thank you!


You see…the medals that are donated are adorned with a Medals 4 Mettle ribbon, which I have to purchase. What I am asking is that I get 35 people to donate $3.85 each. You can do so through my firstgiving fundraising page, or just contact me at scweegie@aol.com or on twitter @angiemaskeberka.


I visit my local Ronald McDonald House, the 2nd Monday of each month. I have met some incredible families.  The charity supports race distances of half marathons or greater and triathlons. However working with the families and siblings at the Ronald McDonald house I happily donate shorter distance medals to the siblings.


If you know someone that would like a medal, please let me know. I have some to pass along.


Also if you would like to donate a medal, I would be happy to accept them, or maybe a chapter closer to your location would be easier for you.

IMG_8150 Thanks Joel for this donation!

Thanks for considering this.

All donations to M4M are tax deductible, ask for a receipt!

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