2015 in 2015

A new year, some new challenges.

I signed up to conquer 2015 miles in 2015, that’s right! I am going to run (& walk) this distance alone. Last year PF sidelined me to around 1400 running miles. This will be a challenge. If you want you can do this with a group too.

I believe you can still sign up through the end of January http://www.signmeup.com/site/online-event-registration/105146?q12=NN2KTP7

I will be counting all my running miles as I train for my first ever 50k, and a possible back to back marathon.  I will also count my walking miles, which include warm up & cool down, walking the dogs, and any walking that is done for exercise.

In this journey I want to stay motivated, so I joined a social media group, which for me has been really hard to remain a member of. It’s also hard to be nice. This is meant to be a challenge, so challenge yourself.

Some of my thoughts so far on this challenge:

  • walking to the fridge steps, or steps to the bathroom should not count in the everyday mileage total, if that were the case it wouldn’t be hard to reach the goal
  • Running everyday is crazy in my opinion, when do you rest?
  • If you are injured, seek a professional
  • Is using an elliptical really walking or running?
  • 2015 is no joke
  • there are some badass runners out there, running in subzero temps
  • how many virtual runs exist?
  • Just because you asked a question on social media, don’t expect rainbows & butterflies….it’s a computer or a shield that is easy to hide behind. Sometimes an answer is a fact or truth, not being rude
  • how do these people not know about twitter chats? #runchat #bibchat (it’s where the cool kids are)
  • we all have a “story” embrace it!
  • Am I just being a bitch? Should I care if others are cheating themselves? #WRATH see @wrathofang. Come on I thought runners had more self respect.
  • I hate excuses, just go run already
  • The rules are posted, read them
  • FOR THE LOVE…go get fitted for shoes…what works for me wont necessarily work for you…

I love the person who commits to starting a challenge like this, just motivate yourself, inspire others and do it for personal pride!

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