Nite Ize – product review

“Disclaimer: I received the Nite Ize products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

So the above disclaimer seems to be the lead in most of my recent posts. However I love the Bibrave program. There are so many products and so many races, choosing which to purchase can be overwhelming. I hope my reviews are as beneficial to you as well. In addition to the swag, the pros are really great people too.

Alright lets get to it, Nite Ize. What is that? What do they make?


This is a list of items I was sent (yes a list, so many things):

  • Inova STS Headlamp
  • Curvyman Cord Organizer
  • 2 -Shoelit – button sized LED lights for shoes
  • SlapLit – LED slap bracelet
  • LED marker Band – arm band light
  • Gear Tie Assortment Bag
  • 24″ Gear Tie clippable
  • 12″ Gear Tie clippable

I was excited to try out all the lights. I prefer to look like a Christmas tree, rather than a running ninja. It’s not always about lighting your way, it’s about being safe and making sure others can see you as well.

Head lamp – This is similar to many head lamps, it goes around your head with an adjustable elastic strap. A few things that stand out with this light is it comes with batteries!!! It also has 4 settings; a white beam, flashing white beam, 2 red lights, 2 red flashing lights. The white beam is very bright, it picks up reflective signs far off in the distance.


I prefer the non flashing white beam, once I didn’t need it to guide my way, I turned the light around and put it on the back side of my head, and made it flash red. It also adjusts in that you can change the beam to be more on the ground in front of you than out into the distance.

There is not an on /off button for this light. It has a “swipe” button, meaning you slide your finger across the button to turn it on. Sliding in one direction for white, and the other direction for red. I do have a hard time using this, it may take several swipes to get the light on or off. However it will not turn on accidentally if bumped.

Curvyman – At first I was like, am I really going to use this? Then I wound my corded headphones around the man shaped plastic item and stuck my shuffle with headphones back into the drawer.  This thing is great, every time I reach into the drawer, not only are my headphones with my shuffle, they are never in a knot. This item also has a clip on it.


Shoelit – I received 2 green LED lights, they are like little buttons. With a simple twist they turn on and off, so they wont accidentally turn on with a bump. The back is a simple hinged clasp, easy to attach to your shoe and sturdy enough to stay on. Nothing worse than having to unlace your shoes just to attach a light. I am just going to keep the lights on my shoes, they don’t weigh anything and they will always be ready to use. Not only do they have green, but pink, red and blue and are only about $5.


SlapLit – What a great idea, an LED slap bracelet, you kids of the early 90’s know what I am talking about. This is a band that can either be laid flat or “slapped” around your wrist (or ankle) into a bracelet shape. It contains a red LED light inside the red fabric, a button turns in to a steady burn or to a flashing light.  It’s very light weight and the fabric looks like it would handle moisture. The only thing I thought might be a problem is if you have a smaller wrist, the one end has a hole for clipping it to things, it’s also the end with the switch, on a smaller wrist this part sticks out and if not turned in the correct direction could catch on your clothing.


LED marker band – This is similar to the slap bracelet, but it has an adjustable elastic strap so you can wear it any place you like. This is red fabric with an LED light inside for a steady burn or flash, a push button turns it on and off.  I was being creative and tried it on around my head, and I was like why isn’t there an LED head band? Ok so it was kinda small for my head, I may have to make some modifications.


Gear Ties – This company makes a lot of things! I opened the package of assorted ties, ranging from 3″ to 18″, and thought, what am I going to do with these? Well that didn’t take long, all the cords in my life, laptop, phones, ipods, cameras, these are perfect for keeping everything organized.  They are a rubbery, flexible item, which can be bent in any shape to wrap things up, or do what you like. I also used this as an actual twist tie on a plastic bag too. I hope I don’t lose them, I should wrap them all together with another gear tie.


Clippable Gear Tie – Ok, honestly haven’t found a use for these yet, they are like the above mentioned gear ties, but they have a clip on them. They are a good tool to have around the home, I can imagine clipping it to a belt loop, a purse strap, or on your bike to take things with you and not get tangled.

These are my opinions, for all the technical specs, such as the super long battery life and colors available, you can visit the Nite Ize website, they even sell batteries for all the fun lights in addition to light up frisbees, dog collars, LED belts and LED vests.

If you are interested in becoming a pro, you can also apply here.

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3 thoughts on “Nite Ize – product review

  1. I’m really enjoying the curvyman too, as I was constantly untangling my headphone cord. I really do think they need to make an official headband light 🙂

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