The other day, I just happened to catch this trivia question posted by the Blue Ridge Marathon Facebook page:

Can anyone tell us what famous runner accomplished the following feats:
1) Finished in a 1st place tie with Inge Simonsen holding hands at the finish line of the London Marathon.
2) Made it into the Guinness Book of World Records with 13 consecutive marathon PRs.
3) Held the record at Grandma’s Marathon for 30 years with a time of 2:08:43 (still the 3rd fastest American man in history).

First person with the right answer gets a free hat (if you google it then you’re cheating)!

Of course I knew this answer due to my time in Duluth at Grandma’s Marathon. I was the first correct answer and I won myself a Blue Ridge Marathon Hat. Well you see, I already own one of these. As a blogger for this race, I would like to gift one lucky person a shiny new Blue Ridge Marathon hat.

Ok technically I already have 2 hats


Feel free to find out the answer to the questions above, however since that was already a contest. Lets do something new to win this hat. I want to see pics of your old hats, basically why you need a new one.


  • tweet “I need a new hat @BRM26pt2 @AngieMaskeBerka #runblueridge
  • tag me on instagram @amaskeberka with “I need a new hat #runblueridge”
  • Tag us on facebook with your photo “I need a new hat” @angiemaskeberka @blueridgemarathon
  • Contest ends Feb 5th at midnight PST (cuz it’s my birthday)
  • Only need to enter once, will not get multiple entries per social media platform

1 medal

If you want to join me in Roanoke, VA April 18th to run the full marathon, half marathon or 10k please visit www.blueridgemarathon.com to register. The answer to the trivia question will be speaking at the past dinner

Blue Ridge Review 2014


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