Crazy? Is that a Compliment?

Ever been told because you are running X race, or running x amount of miles, you must be crazy? Or do you just take that as a compliment.

For me if I am not pushing myself to take on the next challenge, I am not moving forward.

The crazy all started the weekend of Feb 20-22. I road tripped it to Florida to run the Frozen 5k, Enchanted 10k, and Disney Princess Half Marathon. Check out this video I made of the trip.

I then returned back home, only to hop in the car again and drive to Colorado for That Dam Half.

I will then be home for a few days before I return to the highway and run the Hot Dash 10 miler in Minneapolis. Shout out to my friend Kate, who will be tackling her first 10 mile race.

I will enjoy a few days at home, before I strap the seal belt back on, get on the super slab and head to Nashville to take on my first 50K.

When I return from this trip, not only to I hope to be able to still walk, I will remain at home for almost a month, before I hop in the car to visit my pals at the Blue Ridge Marathon in Virginia. Then the week after that a road trip to Kentucky for a race, then a month later a trip to Chicago.

Running, 5 years ago I had no clue this is where it would take me. Now I get to visit so many places and meet many new people. So crazy maybe, but always up for the challenge…and yes, I will take it as a compliment.

2 thoughts on “Crazy? Is that a Compliment?

  1. Loved the video! It’s pretty amazing that you went from complete snow to no snow in one car ride and it’s so awesome that you’re able to travel to so many events by car! You totally should wear the crazy badge with pride, it definitely is crazy in a good way – you’re getting out there and seeing so much more than the average person! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures!!!

  2. I love everything about this post. I’d say crazy… crazy awesome! You’re doing what makes you happy, while also something healthy, I’d say that’s a win. Can’t wait to hear all about the 50k and about your road trips 🙂

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