Enchanted 10k – 2015

Saturday February 21, 2015. 40 degrees at the start, sun.

After the 5k the day before, Tereasa and I hit up Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The start of this race came quick after a short night. Also I was thankful for my recaps from the 2014 Dopey Challenge, it reminded me of what time to set my alarm. I was tired!

Registration: This opens up months before and sells out quickly. Make sure to sit by your computer and hit refresh to be able to register. It’s frustrating. It is also pricey.  I was doing the 10k as part of the Glass Slipper, which includes the half marathon. Included with registration is a bib, chip timing, and tech shirt, plus character opportunities on the course.

Parking / Transportation: Free parking available at Epcot in lot near start. Alarm set for 2:30 am to get a decent spot. If you were staying on Disney property a shuttle bus was available. From the parking lot to the race events security was set up searching bags.

Participants were encouraged to gather near the corrals, coffee available, DJ & dance party happening. 30-45 minutes prior to start time we could get to our corrals. Many port-a-potties.

Appeared to be more runners than the 5k. I met up with BibRave pro Heather before this race as well.


Start: Corral start. Assigned bibs based on submitted times. It was the first time I had ever been assigned to corral A, but I chose to run with Kelly, who was doing the Glass Slipper Challenge. Could start in your assigned corral or a lower letter. After the National Anthem, on trumpet, the first corral was off, on time, with a fireworks salute.  The next corral started a few minutes later and so on, each with fireworks


Course / Character stops: Started off on the back roads for a small out and back. The roads were well maintained, no potholes and all hazards or tight spots were marked. Each mile was marked with a sign and clock. Water on the course, in paper cups. Not many spectators as park entrance is limited.


The Frozen characters were the first to be spotted, but they were on an overpass, snow was falling. The first official character stop was the White Rabbit, from Alice in Wonderland, there was a short wait as the rabbit had to use the bathroom.


On our way back to Epcot, there were some fairies.


Then some fun circus people.


Then entered Epcot near Mexico, and started around the world showcase. We took our time, grabbing a photo with Jiminy Cricket, an Aristocrat and plenty of selfies.

11021074_10153108857384313_7047036658344977220_n 10361321_10153108864664313_2287246913163094104_n 1535662_10153108864809313_5783577252558579230_n

The course then headed out of Epcot to the Boardwalk. Donald in baseball gear was stationed outside the ESPN Zone, we had to wait a little while, but got through the line before he “had to get a drink”


We made the loop and approached the next character stop, Princess Minnie. The line was insanely long, but we could watch the runners go by and keep an eye out for the  “balloon ladies” as we waited. This was never a problem for us, we were far ahead.


We carried on to the back roads of Epcot. Giving high fives (& fours) to the volunteers along the way.


The end was near, but we made another stop for Goofy in a space outfit. After this nothing was left except to cross the finish line.


Finish clearly marked with a banner and clock. Medals placed around your neck. Table for bottled water and Powerade. Proceeded to get finishers photo, then as a Glass Slipper Challenger, we had to walk through a separate tent for some verification, then on to post race banana & snack box. (corn chips, processed cheese dip, applesauce, drink mix, Krave cereal, luna bar and dried fruit)

10988531_10153108872594313_930828419073225048_n 10986842_10153108869049313_2859656105457258100_n

Characters available for post race photos, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Tiana.


Some concessions were available after the race.

Overall: fun, flat course. All Disney races are pricey.

Personal: As mentioned above I ran with Kelly. It was her first run Disney event. She was dressed as Rapunzel and I as the Donut Princess. I had a great time running with her, we stopped at every character. At the end when we took photos with the princesses, Snow White was most intrigued by my costume and called me Princess Donut!  We did not run for time, mostly to have fun, but also because we were both running the half marathon the next day, it would be Kelly’s first.

I have also loaded my review to BibRave.


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