It’s been a long time since I was nervous before a race. I do get anxious about being at the start on time, but nothing like the nerves for my first 50k, the Music City Trail 50k.

Anymore it’s like I am racing every weekend, so the routine becomes habit. Shoes, check! Bib, check! Watch, check! Etc. However for some reason, with everything ready to go, the nerves are high.

Looking back at why we (Laura) chose to run this race, it just fit in our schedule. Crazy? You know one week in Florida, next in Colorado, then Minnesota, and then Tennessee, it just worked. However as race day nears maybe we should have picked a race with an easier course.

Race thoughts:

  • It’s rained for the last 3 days, the course is on hilly trail, 60% chance of rain on race day – MUD
  • Which shoes do I wear? old shoes with more miles on them, Hokas which I have only ran short distances or ruin my new shoes with less miles?
  • Email from RD was harsh, yet super honest and 13 pages, warning: it’s not a 50K walk
  • The RD is super laid back type
  • I have never ran this far
  • I have my husband’s cold
  • At least I have 9 hours to finish
  • I already know all the worst case scenarios, unless I get eaten by a coyote or a snake
  • I could get lost on the course, was advised to bring a paper map and my phone (with spotty service) with map (in the rain)
  • Due to my travel, rearranged training, only got in one 26 mile run, but ran stairs and in the snow
  • I am content with finishing last
  • I am ready! Only thing left to do, RUN!

PS: I will be wearing orange socks, gray shirt and BibRave hat. Laura will be in a purple shirt with pink socks, if we need to be found.

3 thoughts on “Nerves?

  1. Just give it your all! It will be the experience of a lifetime, enjoy it.

  2. My marathon is next weekend and I’m having bouts of severe nerves already! I wish I could just keep them all and convert into adrenaline and use it during the race! I couldn’t imagine the nerves for a 50k!

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