UI Doc Dash 5k – 2015

Doc Dash 5k, Saturday March 28, 2015. Iowa City, IA 9 am. Sunny 30 degrees

Small town feel, 5k which supports the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic and the University of Iowa Mobile Clinic.

Registration was available online and on race day. Starting at $20, then up to $30 on race day. Cotton shirts were $6 extra. Chip timing, and a bib included.

Parking available in nearby parking ramp (for a fee), or about 1/4 mile away in Dental lot. Packet pick up the day before and on race day.

I had Josh grab my race number on his way home from work, as he drove right by. They gave him a bag full of flyers. While it’s nice to promote other races, I would appreciate if I could pick the flyers I want, so much paper waste.


Also held a kids race before the 5k

There was no National Anthem, but some announcements were made. I did not hear anything that was said, a combination of very talkative people and some DJ that didn’t turn off the music. I did hear the siren for the start, and as everyone moved forward, so did I.

Race/course – road and sidewalk, all paved surface. A couple of steep hills. One water stop with tiny paper cups. My Garmin had the course at 3.08. It was a little crowded, but not too bad. No mile markers, but arrows on sidewalk & signs to mark the route, and there was a volunteer at mile 1. One major road intersection with volunteers, no law enforcement.

There was some construction happening on the course, some cement trucks emitting some diesel fuel, so that wasn’t too pleasant. However, it is something you can’t avoid when the weather is nice.

Post race: bananas, bagels, Gatorade, coffee, water. A long line formed to gain access to this, but moved quickly. No award ceremony, as there was a problem with the results and the computer. Raffle prizes given to those who commented on the facebook page.

For the price and challenge of the course, I would recommend this race. Results

Personal: Ahh, a return to racing. I posted one of my worst 5k times in a long time. According to the results though, 8th in my new age group. However 2 weeks post ultra and a week with the flu, I will take it. I coughed the entire time, spitting and snot rockets galore! However I found Shannon & Dave during the race and got to run with them, which made it really enjoyable. Good luck to them on their Warrior Dash tomorrow!


I also have a hard time passing on a race in my hometown, no hotel fees, etc. So, I laced my shoes and ran the 3 miles across town to the race. I found a dollar on the way and donated it to the race. I chose to run to the race and back as I need some longer miles with the Blue Ridge Marathon coming up, this was an easy way to get the miles, but not push it too hard.


The race itself was alright, nothing too special about it as far as gimmicks. Just a nice small town feel, easy for any ability to accomplish. The facebook page for the organization was very helpful as well. More organizations need to utilize free social media.

I also had a nice time catching up with some local runners. I love the running community!

Overall: I always try to run this race, money goes to a good cause and it’s in my town.


On my way home, I stopped to grab some coffee at the shop inside the grocery store, and guess who I ran into.



4 thoughts on “UI Doc Dash 5k – 2015

  1. 3 weeks ’til Blue Ridge! See you there :p

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