Bibrave Donut Fun Run

You’re Invited!

May 16, 2015 – 8:00 am

Dunkin Donuts – 604 2nd St, Coralville, IA


Join us for a 2 mile fun run! Ok if you want to just show up and hang out with runners, write a review or 8, eat some donuts, drink some coffee and learn about Bibrave, that’s cool too.

Running starts at 8 am, followed by treats on the patio at the Coralville, IA Dunkin Donuts location, approx 8:30am.

donutrouteSuggested route, no busy streets to cross.

What is BibRave? It’s like Yelp for races. It’s a race review website, which also allows you to search nearby races as well. Loved your last race? Hated your last race? Too much gel on the course? Another cotton shirt? Share these things with the running community. Create your Bibrave account at

For example: check out these reviews of the IMT Des Moines Marathon.

Write a race review to be entered into the drawing for some BibRave swag, hey for fun share it on social media. I will have my laptop on site at the DD or you can go to and start reviewing races now!

11025666_10153108757519313_3635903841756623805_nMaybe you’ll win a cool hat!

10846448_10152913788264313_7995653622137102295_nor a cool shirt!

How will I know you wrote a review? Follow me on, I will follow back and the rest is history.


No need to be intimated. No pace requirements.

Now, I know the Marion Arts fest race is the same day, and a handful of other events. It’s spring and it’s hard to narrow down a date that works for everyone. So if you missed this meet up due to racing, write a review, let me know, share it on social media, and your next donut is on me!


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