pink socks

This is how it all started:


There were some snarky, fun comments…but then came the throw down:

Kelly offered $20 to Josh’s favorite charity if he wears the pink compression socks.

Josh responded “If I can get $100 total, I will wear the socks, and the money gets donated to the Iowa City Ronald McDonald House”

In the mean time, there has also been an offer to trade.

Which will happen first? Josh has a marathon on Saturday, in 2 days plus.

Contact either of us in the comments below, facebook or twitter.

Ok, so Josh ordered a grab bag of compression socks at a great price, in his size, to big for me. You get what they send you. I have bugged him to wear the socks, but there they sit on the counter. He wears a pink tie, pink shirts and even has a pink referee’s whistle. However here the socks sit, I would like them moved along, so that is why I sent the tweet.

I guess we will see what happens next.

IT HAPPENED! What all started with $20, then $25, $10, $20 and $26.20…and then bam $100.

If you still want to donate, I will be visiting the Iowa City Ronald McDonald house this next week with Medals 4 Mettle and will be dropping off the donation.




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