Bibrave Donut Fun Run – Recap. Saturday May 16, 2015. 8 am. 65 degrees, cloudy, very humid!

I am mostly recapping this fun event, so I can record what went on to do this again.


Details were posted about the event through social media, Running Wild and word of mouth. I handed out flyers at a race expo and farmer’s markets.

The plan / how it went down:

  • I ran from home, 4.90 miles, met my husband (Josh) who brought materials to set up at the outdoor seating at Dunkin Donuts, Coralville, IA. Had a basket from the “prize closet” which was race swag I didn’t have a need for, a laptop, and donuts & coffee.
  • IMG_0136
  • 8:00 am short introduction, review of the course, run. The course was on the Clear Creek Trail and Mormon Handcart trail, no traffic to deal with. All paved. Relatively flat.
  • I stayed back in case some one new would show up, or originally if someone didn’t want to run and write a review instead
  • The group ran the course, no one new showed up, no one stayed behind
  • They came back, ate donuts, and got water
  • I discussed Bibrave and how it works. There were a few questions. Also suggested a route review site, if you are traveling and need a place to run.
  • Met some cool people, even a 50 stater. One guy wants a donut run every week, hey who doesn’t? Donuts are delicious.
  • Josh and I cleaned up the tables, and some stuck behind and suggested running the route again. So I joined in this time. Josh remembered to turn on the Go Pro this lap.
  • Dunkin Donuts was very accommodating. We stayed outside and they had wifi for the use and display of Bibrave.com
  • Dan was the winner of the Bibrave tech hat for writing a race review.
  • IMG_0144
  • This Saturday was also the Marion Arts Festival 5k / Half Marathon, and a 5k in nearby Tipton. It was also the University of Iowa graduation and a fundraiser for my friends. Busy spring weekends.
  • There were about 10 runners who showed up. I would like to host another one maybe in the fall.

IMG_0145 IMG_0143 IMG_0142 IMG_0141 IMG_0148

4 thoughts on “#runfordonuts

  1. Looks like it was a great morning! Have a donut for me next time around!

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