Running Scavenger Hunt

It’s that time of year again, time for the #runchathunt.  I enjoy a running scavenger hunt, it breaks up the monotony or running the same routes over and over again. I also think I am due to win some of the prizes 🙂

Here are the items on this years list:

  • Body of water (creek, ocean, river, etc.)
  • Statue
  • Sunrise or sunset
  • Something unique to your city/town
  • Race/running sticker on vehicle
  • American flag (or flag of your country if not in the U.S.!)
  • Selfie with another runner
  • Empty beer/soda can
  • Garden gnome
  • Home under construction

Here are my entries:

Selfie with another runner


Something Unique to my city/town. You can check out the lore here about the Black Angel in Oakland Cemetary


Body of water – this is from Squire Pt around the Coralville Reservoir



Soda Can



Running sticker, from Duluth, MN at the Grandma’s Expo parking lot



American Flag – The Old Capital Dome in Iowa City in the background, the IMU in the foreground.



Statue – This is Nile Kinnick in front of Kinnick Stadium. Iowa’s Heisman Trophy winner


The Sunrise, on my way to the Run 4 Troops marathon Relay..when you are on the road at 4:15 am, you enjoy

IMG_0939 IMG_0944


home under construction – I frown upon the building in my community, on top of each other


And finally that stupid gnome, ok so the last time this was on the list, I cheated I used my gnome outside my front door. This year I ran around and around and found nothing, so I ran through my local garden center, and this is all they had, only 2 gnomes in existence in Iowa City..well besides me own



That concludes my scavenger hunt this time around


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