Racing vs Running

I don’t often write an actual post, you know something relating to feelings and thoughts. 1.) I am not that great at writing, I am a science & math person. 2.) I don’t have time.

However, if you have been paying attention at home, I love to run all the races. I love to travel to all the races. I also love meeting all the runners.

During running all these races, travel and meeting new people. I keep having one thought, do elites and speedy runners really enjoy the race? Do they get to enjoy the travel? Do they enjoy meeting new people?

Don’t get me wrong, I train, I put in the work.  Yasso 800’s anyone? Most every big race is a new PR, or I try my best to finish with a smile. I may even try to focus on one race a year. However If I had to focus on my breathing, each foot strike, are my elbows high enough, did I eat too many cookies?  I would not enjoy this. It would feel like work, like a job.

Oh but wait, it is a job for these elites, they get paid. Well don’t you want to enjoy what you do for a living? We all thrive under pressure, but the pressure to perform at that level at every running event would boring and I would lose the passion for running.

Maybe it’s just my fear I am going to miss out on something.  I am seriously asking this question, even if you are not an elite, and you don’t get paid, but you go “balls to the wall” every race, why?

Maybe this thought came to the fore front after my most recent race at Grandma’s Marathon. (recap soon) I wasn’t having a bad running day, but I started the race with a friend, I had to use the bathroom, I waited 6 minutes, she continued on to set a new PR. I did my business and enjoyed the pressure of not having to compete with her.

I ran into a virtual friend, we met for the first time during the race, I enjoyed the amazing views, I pumped my fist for every “Go Hawks”, I ate a donut hole, I smiled at the Free Beer sign, I ate bacon, I walked the water stops, I slapped high fives, I finished the race with another friend. I truly enjoyed running. (PS my Garmin had a PR, as I subtracted my 6 min bathroom wait)

We all strive to do our best at everything we do, heck running has taught me I can accomplish anything I set out to do. I am an average, middle of the pack runner, but I choose to enjoy the course. Maybe the speedsters just choose to enjoy it in a different way?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller


2 thoughts on “Racing vs Running

  1. You know I am all about enjoying the run. I don’t set PR’s that often, so enjoying the views, the experience and pushing myself to the limit is why I run.

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