Interact 5k Recap

Friday July 3, 2015. Sunny 70 ish degrees, humid.

If you read my blog, or follow along on twitter, my actions of the day wont surprise you, however this is the recap and how I placed 4th overall female and the Clayton Ridge Interact 5k.


I am currently training for my next 50k, ok when am I not training? Well this is the next BIG race. So picking up miles through races is a great way to break up things, and add some confidence. My 4th of July was looking busy, but the training plan called for 22 miles.

SO – I hopped in the car and headed north to Guttenberg, IA, where the 5k would be taking place. Lucky for me my family owns property there and I could crash on the couch for the night. Now follow along, as it is crazy to drive 90+ miles for a 5k.

I arrived late, about 10pm, but my parents were still awake, and had rainbow sherbet to share. It was a short night.

I woke around 6:30 am. The race was to start at 9am. There is no expo at a small race, and race day registration is a breeze, there was no hurry to get to the start.

With 22 miles to go, I broke it up into sections. It was hot and sunny. I know the point in a long training run is to get those miles all at once & build endurance, but this is how it went.

I left the house, on foot, around 7:45, hoping to get in any extra miles before the race. I met this nice woman who was also on a walk, so instead of getting in 1.5 miles of running, I chatted and walked with her to the race start area. Get outside people, you never know what you will run/walk into.

I did get to the registration table with about 30 minutes to spare before the start. I passed them $15, yes only $15, and signed my life away on a piece of paper, in exchange they handed be a bib, lucky #23. There were no t-shirts to deal with, woohoo! I took that extra time and ran 2 miles along the levy on the Mississippi River.

So before the race I had walked 1.5 miles and ran 2. I was loose and ready to race 3.1 miles. It was a small race, maybe 100 participants. It was also the first year for it.

IMG_1157 (1)

No timing chips, no National Anthem. However there was a short announcement that the first 5 males and first 5 females would be getting prizes. Ok that lit a fire under me, because it wasn’t 30 seconds later someone shouted, ready, set, go!

I was also racing in my Mizuno Enigma 5 for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I needed to be in the top 5.

As always I started to fast, but the course was FLAT!!! Ok there was a small hill just after the first mile, and one just after mile 2.5, but nothing to worry about. I was cruising along, passing people, feeling good. There were tables with water in plastic cups set up. The miles were marked with chalk on the paved running surfaces, cement and asphalt.

Around mile 2 is when I couldn’t hang anymore. I was running behind the 2nd place female. Yes I was sizing up the competition the entire time. There was one point I thought I may take her, but I just couldn’t do it, then a woman passed me, GASP!

At this point the tank was running low, I was hot, my feet were strangely hot in my shoes. So on the side of caution and the remaining mileage I had, I just kept a steady pace to the finish. Also in the back of my mind, I knew I was in 4th. I also couldn’t catch the other women as they technically cut the course and ran on the sidewalks the last half mile. The volunteers near this area, were just keeping us safe, really didn’t know to keep runners on the course.

Then the last turned happened, I was securely the 4th place female. Each finisher received the royal treatment as they restrung the streamer tape for everyone to break. I was handed my prize just after I crossed the finish. It was a $10 gift card to a local floral/gift store. I checked my watch, the only timing I saw, 3.16 miles in 25:48.


There really wasn’t a lot happening post race as prizes were handed out as you finished. There was a local chiropractor doing post race stretch. I always try to take advantage if there isn’t a line, so he stretched my calves.

I walked a little further to the registration area, where coolers of bottled water and granola bars were available. I asked if there was any thing I should stick around for and the answer was no. However I did stick around for a little while, everyone was so nice and they liked my outfit.

IMG_1179 (1)

My official race review is at

It was time for me to leave and get on with my day, I did run over to the gift store to see when my certificate would expire, they just said don’t let 2-3 years pass by. Got to love small towns. With this little jaunt, I made it back to the house with another 2.25 miles. The last mile to the house is a beast, all up a river bluff, I also snagged the road barrier and put a small hole in my sparkle skirt :(.

It was not approaching 10:30, sun was getting warmer, but I had 1.5 miles walking and 2+3.1+2.25 = 7.35 miles down, only 15 to go. I had the perfect place in mind, actually the reason I traveled this far in the first place. I would run on the Heritage Trail in Dyersville, flat and soft surface, it was on the way home to Iowa City. I had also just done the Run 4 Troops relay on the trail a week ago.


After a slice of watermelon with my dad. I traveled the 40 minutes or so to the trail. When I got there, I wasn’t sure if I should be there as it looked like this was the area the town used to stage their fireworks. Oh well, I grabbed my hand held water bottle, loaded with nutter butters and fruit snacks, and took off down the trail.

There is a user fee for this trail, it’s only $2.10 and around $10 for a season pass, which I should get. I would be running 7.5 miles out and back, or that was the plan.

It was hot, this section of the trail provided little shade, but I did change into a shirt with sleeves to protect from sunburn. It was getting tough near the 7 mile mark, I also knew I had walking miles and .25 miles extra built in, If I turned back early. I made it to 7.37 before I turned around.

It also helped there were blackberries along the trail. Passed a few natives filling up buckets to take to their homes. Then the struggle happened. I was soooo hot and exhausted, and only had so much water left, there were also red winged black birds.


At mile 9 I started walking .25 then running .75. This method seemed to be working. BAM, then I realized I was still trying to get back to work, to ship packages as my local post office was open. (with what I do with ebay, it helps if I ship same day as payments) I looked at the time of day, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. I didn’t want to push it with the conditions.

I kept plugging away, it was slow, and those damn birds kept following me, at anytime they were going to swoop in and attack me.  Thankfully, they only buzzed close. I made it back to my car at 2:47. I had at least an hour and half to get back to work, was I going to make the post office closing at 4:30.

I had hit my mileage goal, I ran 14.89 on the trail and the miles earlier, I was over 23 miles on my feet for the day. My math is probably off, but I published it on dailymile at 23.39. Luckily I had some G2 in the car and more water. There was no time to stop. That G2 was sooooo hot, but I drank the entire bottle. Dehydration is a serious issue folks.

Ahhh made it to the shop at 4:03. Time to get to work, and someone else purchased something, so I had a total of 5 things to get packaged in 27 minutes. I DID IT!!! I might have had 5 minutes to spare.

So that is just another day in the life. I like to do so many things and go so many places. I hate that there is never enough time in the day. However I do my best with what I am given to get it all done.

Speaking of…I had to rest up for my next race, the next morning….lol

4 thoughts on “Interact 5k Recap

  1. Nice job on the 5K! You got in a lot of miles – I suck at running more miles after a race!

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