MLL 5k – recap 2015

Saturday July 4, 2015, Sunny HOT ok it was humid 70 degrees. 9 am.

There were a lot of area races held this 4th of July, but the husband and I decided to run the McKenzie Lown 5k in Oxford, IA. Mostly because some friends were back in town and would be participating. It’s also a great cause / fundraiser.

Registration: This is a small town 5k, so registration could still be done by snail mailing in form with a check. If this was done by June 20, you could save $5 on registration. Otherwise you could sign up online with fees or on race day for $25. Cotton unisex t-shirts were only guaranteed for early registrants, however everyone received a reusable bag with a granola bar and fruit snacks. Also included was a bib with a chip timing strip on the back.

No Expo, all packet pick up was held on the day of race. One port-o-pottie near the registration area, but this took place at a ball complex and real toilets were nearby. All parking was alongside the road near the start/finish.

Josh and I waited to register on race day. It was easy, just fill out a form hand over your cash. We were also told we should enter the raffle drawing, which the lady said we didn’t need to be present to win. I asked as we were leaving as soon as we finished to hit the parade in Coralville.


Pre/Race: There were some announcements and nice words said about the race and the reason we gathered. Then a gun banged, for the bikes, then one for runners, a little confusing.

It was confusing as kids on bikes were allowed to race, so they were on the first gun, then a second gun went off for the runners. The start was crowded, the starting line is not where we actually started, they had us corralled in the finishing chute. Only announcement about this was something about bikes to the front, couldn’t hear too well. Josh, who runs a lot faster than I, was still standing next to me when it was time to run, so he had to snake through the crowd to get to his position.

Race/Course: Run through Oxford, IA then towards the country on an out and back course.

  • all paved or asphalt, nearby gravel would be on the roads, roads banked on the sides
  • lots of water on course in bottles
  • RR crossing
  • few spectators, mostly family members
  • no official course photographer
  • can’t remember mile markers on the course
  • some hills, but nothing steep
  • course marked with spray paint, but only marked for the way out until the turn around
  • Volunteers and law enforcement at the intersections
  • no shade

I was able to see Josh just after the turn around, he looked good, gave him a thumbs up. I was hot! The pavement was hot! It was humid! Such a late start for a summer race, but I pushed to my best ability. However a lady even passed me opening a water bottle and drinking.


Finish / Post Race: The finish had a clock and timing mats, small chute. Bottled water and watermelon, but had to turn around and walk back to get them. There were awards for the overall winners and the first finisher in each AG. Also a raffle drawing.

Josh was already done when I crossed at 27:07, which would eventually place me third in my AG. He placed first in his AG winning him a $25 Scheels Gift Card. We also found out you had to be present to win the raffle prizes.  We didn’t stick around for this, a friend grabbed Josh’s card, and we left to get to the parade in nearby Coralville.


Overall: Nice community 5k, average price, but starts too late in the day for July. However a good race to run at least once.

I have run this race before, so I knew what to expect, nothing too flashy, but just a good event to remember McKenzie.

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3 thoughts on “MLL 5k – recap 2015

  1. My 4th of July 5K was similar. It was the 48th running of this race but things were a little unorganized. I was able to register on race day, no up-charge and I got a shirt.
    We had pretty good police presence and I never feared that I would get run over. I’ve had close one’s before!
    My race had the small town feel to it with lots of kids and families.No mile markers, most spectators were on their front lawns. And I loved it!
    I won 3rd place in my age group!
    Cheers, Andy

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