Thanksgiving in July, Turkey Trot Review

Saturday July 11, 2015. Humid 67 degrees, cloudy, RAIN. 8 am. 10k, North Liberty, IA

10k, 5k, 1 mile – North Liberty Community Pantry Thanksgiving in July Turkey Trot

Registration – This was available online through get me registered, or you could print a form and mail in a check. Price increased as race day approached, where could also register for $35, shirt was not guaranteed. All distances paid the same price. Included in registration unisex short sleeved tech tee, chip timing, bib & post race raffle chance.

I was late to the party, so instead of pay the online fees, I just registered on race day, I even scored another shirt.


Packet Pick up: There was no expo. Packets could be picked up the night before the race at the Pantry, or on race day up until 7:45 am. There were some flyers, chapstick and a pen in the bag of things.

Pre-race: The event was held on a 40 acre park, all grass. Parking was on the grass (it was raining.) There were port-o-potties, but they were a short walk to get to. There were a few race announcements, thanks to the runners, directions on the course (where the 5k/10k split was.) No National Anthem.


Race / Course: Run through the city of North Liberty


  • course was on sidewalk, narrow in spots, low hanging trees
  • one water stop, dixie cups (would pass twice on the 10k)
  • the 10k was 2 loops
  • many volunteers and officers at major intersections
  • no spectators
  • no photographers
  • no mile markers, no arrows on the course
  • Flat, no hills

Running on the narrow sidewalks was difficult in parts, not only does it make it tough near the start with too many people, the trees were too low in places. Also it was easy to fall off the edge of the sidewalk in crowded places. I appreciate races where I can run on the width of the street. 

Also even though the volunteers were very cheerful, I feel they didn’t know what they were doing. In face when the race started the directions for the 10k turn around were quite different than where volunteers told us to start the second loop. At this point my Garmin said 2.87 miles, the math wasn’t adding up. I knew it would be a short race. I don’t know if the rain hindered the ability to mark the course with chalk or what the deal was. I also have no clue where the 1 milers went that started at the same time, never saw a split.

Finish/Post Race: The timing mats signified the finish of the course. There were no post race announcements, overall winners were just found and handed their trophies. Runners could check in to see if they won a raffle prize. There were bananas, coffee, bottled water and a buffet of baked goods.

IMG_1356 IMG_1355

I did not win any raffle prizes or overall. In fact with the rain and my moody Garmin, I am not sure how fast I ran or how far. I would guess it was a 5.5 mile course. When I went back to look at my watch, and after running a little extra I had 5.9 miles in 54 minutes.

My favorite part about the post race was my personal delivery of coffee & donuts. I saw Jen at the start, she was enjoying a Saturday of errands, so she stopped by the race. At the finish, there she was again and hat hot coffee and a giant glazed donut for me!!! THANK YOU, that was awesome! So nice to see a familiar face, especially with a disappointing race.

Overall: The price is right for a 10k, and the money goes to a great cause. However the race is a little unorganized and running on sidewalks in a race is too crowded.


I am training for my second 50k, first official, so I had 10 miles to run. I was going for the 6.2 miles of this race and a 4 mile race in the evening. I like to run races as training, it’s speed work and I might pick up some bling along the way.

Results: 15th overall, 9th female, in a time of 51:02

If you have raced add your review to


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