Running to check out RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI – Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. One week near the end of July, bicyclists across the globe assemble to dip their rear tire in the Missouri River, ride across Iowa (camping / partying along the way,) then end dipping their front tire in the Mississippi River.

This year part of the route would be traveling through Iowa City. What better way to check out the happenings that to run part of the course, especially with a 10 mile training run on the schedule. Technically I was part of RAGBRAI as I did run on some of the streets, but don’t tell anyone, as I think I would have to pay to actually participate on any given leg.

pizap.com14379242786131red is the bicycle route

It was a warm summer day and very humid, it started a little overcast, so instead of wear a visor I grabbed my UV Half Buff. Wore it as a head band to keep sweat at bay.


The routes would coincide around the downtown and the University of Iowa campus. There were lots of police officers directing riders and traffic at every busy intersection.

Riders got to pass by Finkbine Golf Course, University Hall of Fame, Kinnick Stadium, home to the Iowa Hawkeye football team,the University Hospital, Duane Banks field where the Hawks play baseball, and Carver Hawkeye Arena home to the wrestling, volleyball and basketball teams.

IMG_1689 IMG_1692

Now I didn’t wake up too early, so most riders were already through town. However I did see many, lots who waved and appreciated the spectators that were still sitting in their front lawns.


When I came back through downtown Iowa City, there was a small food area set up. Bikers could buy breakfast burritos, donuts and kettle corn in addition to a cup of coffee.

IMG_1703 IMG_1704

It was time to part from the route and make my way home, which  I was glad to do, the sun was out and I needed a drink of water.

It’s nice to have things like this happen in your community. While some may poo poo at the idea of big crowds and the headache it causes, I like the adventure and fun it brings to my run. Especially when I run the same areas all the time.

I even found a $5 bill, who said running doesn’t pay?


Look for my full Buff review to come soon.

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