A Goose Chase

If you read my blog you know I will enjoy a running scavenger hunt from time to time. Well I am currently enjoying a 21 day hunt as part of the Sub 30 Club.

Through the app, Goose Chase, my tea: Team Goucher is hunting for over 400 things. We are up against 9 other teams. We are competitive, but have yet to be the leader of the chase. Hey we have 21 days!

While I continue to train for all the races (Madison Mini, Backpocket, Fort 2 Base, North Face 50k, Chicago Marathon, Urban Bourbon 13.1, Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago) and stay on task for 2015 miles in 2015.

Here are some of the things I have found. I even took Josh along for one of the runs. Also it’s a lot of fun taking selfies with things.

  • Road mile marker 3
  • a mailbox with the flag up – is this a federal offense?
  • trailhead
  • mail carrier truck – ?? see note on mailbox above
  • signs with the letter X
  • Veterinary clinic
  • yellow flag
  • theater
  • bakery
  • cake in a display – “Hi can I take a picture with that cake in your display?” LOL
  • ferris wheel
  • house under construction
  • ATM  – ok lets take a picture of the ATM inside the bank, and run away
  • sports bar
  • blue compression socks


There are things I have yet to see in my running area, or things I am glad I have not seen, but my teammates are powering through. As the chase continues I hope someone finds the skunk, a street sign from England, a bear, an airplane on a runway, etc

3 thoughts on “A Goose Chase

  1. Love this idea! So cool! I may have to round up some running friends & go on a scavenger hunt!

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