Iowa NF Walk & 8.5K Run – Recap

Saturday, August 8, 2015. 9:30 am. Iowa City, IA Cloudy, 75, HUMID

Races should not start after 7:30 am in the summer months. Also the start time was published at 8:30 on the facebook page, but 9:30 on the cornbelt site. It took a message via facebook to get it straightened out

Registration/Packet pick up: This was available online and on race day. Only $20 without a shirt, which you could purchase for $10. A timing chip and bib were included. If you had registered online you could pick your stuff up the night before at a local hotel. The night before packet pick up was confusing, you could not register at that time, some confusion with bibs & chips.


I made the trek to the hotel, and found out I couldn’t register. I did take the opportunity to tell them about Medals 4 Mettle. So far all information posted on this event was wrong or misleading.  Also this hotel conference room thing, was like a private event, I felt like I was interrupting something. However it was for a good charity, so I would still run it.

Pre-race: There were lots of events happening, starting an hour before the race. Kids face painting, kids activities, and a silent auction had started. There was a real toilet at the nearby boat house, no extra port-o-potties for the race. There was parking on site, but it filled quickly, and spots were found in the grass. There were many announcements made, including a moment of silence. No National Anthem. It was already after 9:30.

The actual race start, was about a half mile walk from where all activities were being held. Once all participants made it to the start, the timer guy said go.

Race / Course: The entire race was on a paved city trail, this was not closed. It was a short run to the lake, 2 loops, and a short run back to the finish.

The trail was open to many bikers, who didn’t seemed pleased to have so many people in their space.

  • flat
  • paved surface, no potholes or cracks
  • no mile markers
  • course was short
  • some photographers on course
  • spectators only when we pass the event area
  • 2 water stops, passed each twice, plastic cups
  • no race course marshals

Finish / Post Race: The finish was marked with the timing mat. There was a cooler with water at the finish line. The results were posted as quick as they came in. Then participants had to walk the half mile back to the event area to get post race treats. There were quartered bagels, bananas, granola bars, and apples. At 11 there was a Texas Roadhouse sponsored meal of pulled pork sandwiches and a cookie.


All the events that were going on before the race were still happening. The silent auction closed at 11;30. Up until that time they announced the first place AG winners.

Overall: I am not sure I would run this again, the price is right, but so many confusing things. What time is it? When can I register? Is this a party or a race? However it was the first year for the event in Iowa City and they did raise over $36,000.

This was also my second race of the day, The humidity was really kicking my butt. I sweated a ton, and was developing a headache. Also it was a pain to have to wait around for the silent auction to end. I guess I could have cheered all racers on, but the finish was so far from the activities.Also I was convinced an 8.5k race is almost 5 miles, so I was kind of pacing for that, but the actual race was 4.37 miles. Results

My review is the same, but if you have a race you want to learn about or a review to write, make sure to add it to the site.

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