Mad Pocket 2 Base

If you have been following my social media adventures, the title of this post makes sense, if not I will fill you in.

This past weekend (Aug 22 – 23, 2015) I ran 3 races in 3 states in 2 days. Josh did the same.

We ran the Madison Mini half marathon in Madison, WI the morning of Aug 22, then got back in the car and headed to Coralville, IA for the Dam to Backpocket 7 miler at 5pm. After a quick shower and walking of the dogs, we were back in the car to North Chicago, where we would run the Fort to Base 10 NM race on Sunday Aug 23.

I am no stranger to this crazy back to back racing. Josh and I did the inaugural Dopey Challenge in 2014, before that we did 2 half marathons back to back in 2 different states. Heck a couple weeks a go I ran two smaller races about an hour apart.

Why do I do this? Really for no other reason other than I can do it. Well that and I get to talk about it for years to come. I like to travel (by car) and meet new friends.

Am I crazy? Well um.. I am a runner and the crazier the task, the more badass, the more awesome, the cooler you are, or something like that.

Actually the most difficult part of these challenges is not the running. After all the years and races, that just comes natural, you just lace you shoes and run the race. The hard part is getting enough sleep to not feel like a zombie. Then there is the eating. With 20 miles one day and 10 NM the next you can’t survive on fast food.

Would I do this again? Um yes, duh! It’s what I do, I keep trying to best myself. I love an adventure.

One thing to note, yes these are races, while I run my best, I am technically racing no one but myself. That is probably how I survive this. I didn’t throw down my best times, but I did my best finishing them all.



3 thoughts on “Mad Pocket 2 Base

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