Urban Adventure Run

I’ll blog about anything…really it’s a way for me to remember what I did, where I’ve been, etc.

What? Running scavenger hunt

When? This was Tuesday August 25th at 6pm.

Who? Anyone that wanted to join, and there was no cost.

Where? This started at the downtown Iowa City Running Wild store location.

Why? Why not, fun is the name of the game.

It was a sunny evening in downtown Iowa City. Runners started to gather at the store around 5:30 to get direction /instruction for the run that would start at 6pm. Shoe reps were in store and you could even test a pair for the run.

There were 5 stops each runner had to hit, where they would receive a raffle ticket, for a prize drawing. There were no rules to the route you wanted to take to hit each stop. Each stop was described as far as location, but no map was provided.


I ran by myself, which was fine, but managed to pass others as they navigated to each stop. I knew a make shift loop would give me the best chance of completing the task in a decent time, even though it wasn’t a race.

I started with the stop at the Pentacrest, well after a loop around the Capital, I didn’t see anyone, so I proceeded to the close by “Rock” near the T. Anne Cleary Walkway. I said “Hi” to Jean, claimed my first raffle ticket, and asked for a hint on the Pentacrest stop, she said to check near Schaeffer Hall. Thanks Jean!!

I trotted back to the Pentacrest, decided to run by Schaeffer hall on the east side and I found the table, sponsored by Tailgate. I got my next ticket and a 25% coupon, woohoo!! The lady manning the table said she chuckled when I ran by the first time.

The next stop I was going to hit was the Kinnick statue. It was the furthest from downtown, but I run by the stadium on a weekly basis, and knew I would have no trouble getting there. Once I made it, I was relieved to grab my third ticket and turn around and not run facing the setting sun.

The fourth stop for me was Black & Gold Chiropractic. I wasn’t familiar with this business, but had asked before I left the store and discovered it is located in the former Uptown Bill’s. This meant I had to cross back across town, and it was the second day of classes and there are lots of new people to town. It’s always fun almost getting run over for using a crosswalk properly. Anyway, I made it there, and snagged another ticket.

Only one more stop left, College Green Park. It was an easy jaunt over to the park, where I met the Running Wild guy, chilling on a bench. We made small talk, I said this was my last stop, got my last ticket, and was off to return to the store.

I made it back by 7pm. Other runners had finished and more continued to file in the door. There was orange Gatorade and one shoe rep had twinkies, um…yum?

While waiting around, I was able to talk to many area runners, and meet new ones. Even met someone who knows the Bibrave folks. Small world, but that’s running, always so friendly and we know each other.


Once everyone had returned with their tickets, and wrote their names on the back, they were thrown in a … shoe box (what else would you expect ) To start, participants were eligible for 2 prizes. Names were drawn and prizes were distributed from each shoe reps table.

I am happy to report I won a drawstring bag, and a prize pack with koozie, sweatband and twinkie. Once everyone had won twice, they spread the love and we got to pick a third prize. That is when I snagged an awesome hat!!


It had been a rough few days, and this run is exactly what I needed. Thanks Running Wild for hosting a good time. I hope they do something similar in the future. I had to be on my way, but a local bar was offering drink & food specials after the run.

I also rag on local group runs, as I usually end up running alone, most of them are too fast. However this is a great way to make sure everyone is included and pace isn’t a factor.

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