FEATURE – BibRave Pro Spotlight

Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of the BibRavePro Spotlight! A little bit behind the series if you missed the first , second , or third one:

Now, why am I stealing Heather’s blog series….. because this week I am happy to feature Heather!!


Heather’s notes about this series: “BibRave Pro. The program is thriving, and new Pros are joining the team everyday. I’ve loved my almost year of being a BRP, and have gained some great friendships through it. It’s super awesome that so many new people are being added, but with a large group, it can be hard to get to know everyone as closely as I’d like. Hence, the idea for a blog series developed. I’m thrilled to get to know each Pro a little bit more, and hope you enjoy it too!”

If you recall I was Heather’s first BRP spotlight feature. We met for the first time in real life at the Chicago Marathon, we were part of the BibRave Cheer Squad. What an exhausting and fun day, she even brought donuts!


We’ve since been able to meet up at the Disney Princess Half marathon, the Soldier Field 10 and most recently the Fort 2 Base race in Chicago. It was at this race I found out how nice and kind she was, she was not only able to grab my packet for the race, but help with all the race day logistics, while providing all the right humor and sarcasm along the way. She is someone who you can count on.


I look forward to hanging out again with Heather as she and I will be running a race at the North Face Endurance Challenge and the Chicago Marathon. Who knows what shenanigan’s we will be up to, but a great time will be had.

She just celebrated her one year anniversary with Bibrave. You can find her participating in #bibchat every Tuesday night at 8pm CT, adding insight and great conversation.


So without further ado, let me tell you more about this great woman:

Name: Heather

Location: Illinois

When did you start running and why?
It’s not a very exciting story. I started back in 2010 as a way to stay fit and active without a gym membership. It was very basic, and I didn’t know much about it, looking back. I didn’t get involved much with racing until late 2011/early 2012, and then I was hooked. I began with 5ks and then decided to run a half marathon – my first in May of 2012. It didn’t go as planned, so I registered for another one the following month… and then I just kept finding more races to register for, including runDisney Wine and Dine Half, which I convinced my mom to do with me. Now she’s hooked too 🙂
I have met Heather’s mom, she is also fun to hang with. Love to see them both at races accomplishing their goals.
What is your favorite race distance?
I think the half marathon is my favorite – it’s long enough to be challenging, but training for it doesn’t consume your life like marathon training does, and it’s still fun. Not that marathons and training for marathons isn’t fun, it’s just a whole different mind set and for me, since I’m slow and those long runs take up what seems like the entire day, it can be harder to schedule life around.
What are your top 3 races (these can be running, triathlons, whatever you want)? Why?
1. runDisney Wine and Dine holds a special place in my heard because it was my first runDisney race.
2. Soldier Field 10 Mile – it’s awesome to run on the field and finish on the 50 yard line. Plus, it’s a very well-organized race.
3. Dopey Challenge. I know, this is really 4 races, but it’s in one weekend, so I’m counting it. It was an amazing experience, and it was my first marathon, so training and completing it without injury was a major victory for me.
What’s the toughest race you’ve ever done, whether because of distance, injury, weather, mental fatigue, etc.?
Oh boy, I’ve had a few this year because of a knee injury, but I think the most taxing was finishing the Marathon portion of the Dopey Challenge. It was a great time, but I ran the marathon by myself, and I was dealing with some major shin pains which nearly had me on the verge of tears, but I didn’t finish the first three races to step down at the final hurdle. I concentrated on one foot in the other, pushed myself to get to the next meeting spot where my husband and mom were, and enjoyed the sights. I also have lots of trouble running in the heat, so pretty much all Chicago summer races are tough for me haha.
Do you have any race day traditions?
Not really. I like to gather all of my gear and clothing the night before, since I prefer to wake up with only about a half hour to get ready. This way, everything’s ready to grab and go quickly. I often have two options for clothes (shorts vs capris and tank vs tee) and make a final decision the morning of based on weather. 
The most important lesson running has taught you?
Anything is possible. Seriously. You just have to put your mind toward something, work hard, and those goals are attainable. I’ve learned that I’m much tougher, mentally and physically, then I ever thought I could be. I also think it’s important to have confidence, have a positive attitude, and believe in yourself.
Some of your favorite running products – either for while running or for recovery and why are they your favorite? 
Seeing as I feel the need to have ALL THE RUNNING GEAR (and bring most of it with me on my runs haha)…
Zensah compression sleeves, Addaday Pro Roller (I’m dying to get my hands on a Boomerang!), Clif Shot Blocks, Garmin Forerunner 220, Plantronics BackBeat FIT, Orangemud HydraQuiver Double Barrel, and FlipBelt. I’m sure there’s a ton more, but those are the top few.
What are you currently training for?
The Chicago Marathon on October 11. Training has not been going as planned, and I’m getting anxious about being able to maintain pace… but my excitement to run and see all of my running pals overrules all anxieties.
Heather asks for tips from morning runners in her original BRP spotlights, So I asked: Have you picked up any tips to become a morning runner? Tell us why you to prefer to run in the evening?
I mean, I have a list of things that should help me be a morning runner, I still prefer the evening. While running in the morning is great because it’s checked off early and you don’t have to worry about other conflicts ruining your running plans, I like to sleep till the last possible moment in the morning, and running after a long day of working and commuting feels so good. Stretching the legs and letting out all the stress and frustration from the day is wonderful. 
Other than running, what are some hobbies you enjoy?
I haven’t had much time lately, but I love to read. I also enjoying checking out different craft breweries, traveling, and making my way through a bunch of tv series on HBO and Netflix.
How long have you been a BRP?
A little over a year. Yay!
What’s your favorite thing about being a BibRave Pro?
I think this is the same answer as everyone else, but it’s all of the other Pros! Being a BRP has been such an amazing experience and has helped me come out of my running shell – I’ve made so many amazing friends because of it, not just the other Pros, but from BibChat too! Having the opportunity to test products or run races I wouldn’t otherwise have known of or been able to test has been pretty awesome too. Some of my favorite running products have come from being a Pro.
Any fun tidbits about yourself, running, etc that we should know?
Uhhh… none that I can think of at the moment. Maybe Angie has an idea of something fun to mention?
I will say that finding your car in the Soldier Field Parking lot was an adventure, but somehow after a few trips up and down the steps, we managed to find it. This is why hanging out with Heather is fun, she is up for whatever and doesn’t sweat the little things.
What is your bucket list race?
Hmmm… so many on that list, but I’m going with Honolulu Marathon. Beautiful scenery, great runcation spot, and I believe there is no time limit, so you can really enjoy your race, take your time, and take LOTS of photos! Really take it all in.
What is your favorite donut/doughnut?
Another tough question to answer, as there are so many delicious flavors to choose from! I don’t often get to specialty donut shops, so my answer will be boring. I usually get jelly or apple spice from Dunkin Donuts.
Join the BibRave Pros at #bibchat tonight, with sponsor SweatTracker. While you wait for the chat to start at 8pm CT, check out Heather’s review!

4 thoughts on “FEATURE – BibRave Pro Spotlight

  1. Love the switchup of the BibRave Pro Spotlight this week! I didn’t know that Heather and her mom run together – that is AWESOME and so fun they get to share running and sometimes racing together!

  2. BibRave Pro: for the hard-working runner who also likes to be spoiled with treats. (Not necessarily donuts.)

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