Steve Goff Winner

Thanks everyone who entered the Steve Goff 5k Giveaway!!

I am excited to announce Angy S. has won a free entry. Congratulations!!!  Rafflecopter helped me pick the winner, and her tweet won the entry (you can follow me on twitter at @angiemaskeberka and rec services at @recserv)

There is still time to register, and if you do so by today you can add the Nike shirt to your entry for only $5!!.

Keep in mind this is the course where NCAA Regionals will be held in 2016, what better chance to check out the course than race it!

I am throwing out the challenge to my Hawkeye friends to run this race, I will be out of town and can’t make it this year, but you should do it for me!!  The Hawkeyes have a bye week, so get out and get active! Plus, you can run or meet Josh, you know … take some selfies.


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