It’s Go Time!!

November is here, time to get going with the 100 mile challenge!


Still want to sign up? You can read more here, and add your name to the spreadsheet here.

As a bonus for signing up early, I offered a “sur-prize” Congrats are in order to Nicole H. (I have contacted you via email)

Speaking of email, please provide yours or a way to contact you, if you are the next lucky winner.

Winners? Yes there will be prizes, but be sure to thank all those who have provided gifts:

  • My local running store – Running Wild in Iowa City, Coralville, & Cedar Rapids. Check em out on facebook or twitter @runningwildic
  • Corridor Running – my local running club, wahoo, give them a like on facebook
  • Dunkin Donuts – especially the store in Coralville, IA. This group runs on Dunkin. PS I have the $25 gift card in my possession, so make sure to hit 45 miles by Nov 15!!
  • New love for Avon rep Jen Dobel, look for some prizes to come, lip balm anyone!?!?
  • Of course head bands and key chains designed by yours truly.
  • Also Abe Plato will be helping with shipping costs. Who is that, well you see I do ebay for work, and Abe Plato is the ebay store. So if anyone needs some bubble wrap or a box, or someone to ship your holiday package, let me know.

*I will help promo anyone who wants to donate a prize, so if you know someone interested, let me know. However I feel there is a great selection for this year!

Housekeeping: Please be aware that the spreadsheet is a public document, if you make a change, it will affect everyone. So keep track of your miles in your column, please don’t delete another participant. If you are adding yourself, please do so in the columns on the right. Also you can right notes and words of encouragement on here too.

The facebook group is a great place for posting topics, pictures, frustrations and milestones, so use it!

Ok, gang I am excited and overwhelmed. Please send me a message if there is a problem or concern. Now go out and be awesome and do great things!!


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