Orange Mud Transition Towel – Review

“Disclaimer: I received the Orange Mud Transition Towel and seat wrap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

It was the beginning of October, and a new package was at my doorstep…ok yes, I know most of these posts lately are about a new box at my doorstep…but really that’s how this starts.

I opened the unmarked, brown cardboard box, to find a vibrant orange towel wrapped in plastic. Transition towel and seat wrap. The towel piece had on tag attached to it, with a few points of information:

  • “Keep it clean, change it up”
  • secure belt club
  • changing towel
  • zip on seat back hoodie
  • oversized to fully cover seat


I then removed the plastic to see what it was all about. It was the size of a bath towel, maybe as large as some beach towels, measuring 30″ x 60″. There is a zipper along one end of the short side and a latch/buckle system along one end of the long side.


I had chosen the orange towel, but the website offers a variety of colors.


Ok, are you still confused? Am I just describing a towel? Well this item can be used in multiple ways:

Changing Towel: Using the buckle/latch side of the towel. You can wrap the towel around your body. Maybe around your waist or around your chest. This is so you can change out of your sweaty running clothes. Here I am putting it to use.

As you can see I have no problems changing out of my running shorts into pants, in public. I do have to be careful not to pull the towel up too high. Also for me, the wrap overlaps quite a bit so I don’t have to worry about the split showing too much. (As alerted to me by fellow pro Jeremy, I can pinch off the excess, to make it tighter and easier to wrap around)

My one concern about using this for changing is, as a woman, how do I change out of my sports bra. It seems impossible to wrap this around my neck and then some how wrestle out of a sports bra. (which is difficult enough to begin with) Usually I just change my shirt only, out in the open. No shame in my game 🙂

Car seat cover: The zipper end is where you start to use this as a car seat cover. Zip the end closed, and the towel appears to be like a cape, but in fact this “hood” you have now created is designed to be put on the head rest of your car seat. This protects the seat from the sweat and mud (looking at you trail runners). The hood top keeps the towel from sliding down, however the user would have to tuck it into the seat as needed.


This will also be great for my black leather seats, especially in the summer. The seats get so hot I burn my bum and back of my legs, the seat cover can help prevent that.

Other Possible Uses:

  • post run towel – just use to wipe off sweat, great if you brought some water and can have an impromptu shower
  • traveling pillow or blanket
  • as a wrap to keep warm, wear it as a cape
  • bring to the beach, catch some rays
  • dog bed 🙂


I had used it a few times and was wondering how I should wash this? While the tag that came with the towel did not have any information regarding this, I went to the website and found out I could wash it in my washing machine. I would just have to wash it on cold for the first wash and dry cool.

I hope you have a general feel for what this product is. It’s a towel that can be used to change your clothes, or it can be used to protect your car seat.

I had the opportunity to present this item to a group of non runners. I put the towel on top of a table. The people trickled into the room, as they didn’t all hear what everyone guessed.  I asked them if they knew what it was, to remain quiet. However no one had seen one before, so I encouraged everyone to guess what it was. They could pick it up and examine it. Here are the responses:

  • Person A and B collaborate their answers: This doesn’t make sense. (as they examine the zipper and zip it) Does it go on your head? (then they both check out the latching device) Does it go around your waist?
  • Person C: Is this a Snuggie? a cape? a bike cover? Says it would be perfect to lay in her car, then place her bike on top of it to protect her car from her bike. She said she would pay $22.50 for it
  • Person D – This doesn’t zip all the way? It covers something? Is this a bath towel for an alligator? It goes around something…
  • Person E- WHOA?!?!? (zips it up) it holds something, are there handles?
  • Person F – What is it, a skirt? (zips it together, hooks it together) I don’t know what this is, but everyone has to have one!
  • Person G (he had already heard what it was before he could guess) This is marketed to runners? He says this would be great for boaters and boating, coming off a sand bar, or changing out of a swimming suit.

I also told them how much it costs, $39.95. There were mixed reactions. A few said they thought that was a high price, but a few also said that bath towels are expensive. As non runners though they weren’t sure if they needed one in their lives. However one did make the remark that it was a creative idea.

This was a fun experiment, and the product is fun as well as practical.

With all that being said, I have to be honest, I think if I wasn’t presented with the opportunity to test this through Bibrave, I would do fine with just a towel on my car seat and discretely change in the back seat of my car. Maybe I am secretly mad I didn’t think of this myself. I think runners are frugal, however this would make a great gift, so use code BIBRAVE to save 15% on your order You can even customize your towel

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