100 mile, week 1 – winners, updates & more

Hey all! I have been busy. Just came back from the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago. I will have a review soon, but I’ll let you know I am on a chocolate detox plan.

I see that the group has grown to 126 members, and collectively logged about 3000 miles, yes THREE THOUSAND!!! Congrats everyone, I feel it’s also time to remind you all to listen to your body, and don’t complete the challenge if you are injured.

Ok, lets get to the weekly winners!!!! Reminder to be eligible you had to have logged miles this past week. I used random.org to pick the winner.

Winner of socks from Running Wild: Esther L!! Congrats!!!! (Column CD)

Winner of a Corridor Running Shirt: Kristina B!! Wahoo!!! (Column BA)

I will contact you, via your provided information, or you can contact me. (whichever happens first)

Upcoming Events:

  • if you have logged 45 miles by Nov 15, you are eligible for the Dunkin Donuts gift card drawing!! I have this in my possession, so log those miles!
  • Running Wild is hosting a “Night Out” at their Coralville location, on Nov 12, from 6-8pm. This is advertised as a free event with raffle prizes, samples and giveaways.
  • Running Wild is also hosting a “bib story” event. If you turn in a race bib with your story, you can get 15%. Please see the store or the facebook page for more information.
  • I am leaning towards a fun donut run, starting at the Coralville, IA Dunkin Donuts location. Nov 22nd. Maybe depending on interest, we can make this some sort of “drive” donations to a food bank, etc


  • Feel free to post your comments, accomplishments, questions in the facebook group. Always fun to discuss and learn about the other members of the group
  • If you have specific questions, just message me directly
  • The spreadsheet sign up is closed, unless you have contacted me.
  • Please remember to thank or frequent any/all sponsors of this event. I can’t do it without their help.

Keep up the good work, so inspiring to see all those just starting their journey and those pushing themselves to the limits.


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