Mid November – 2015

It’s been a while since I actually wrote a blog post not related to a race or product. Don’t worry the weekly #100mile update will follow these paragraphs, as the winning is just beginning!

Now that it’s over, I can tell you all I have been busy doing my civic duty, I was a juror on a civil case that took 8 days. It was interesting to learn some new medical terms and the process, but it was a lot of time I will not get back. I learned we would not be getting the court reporter’s notes (that person was fun to watch) and we had to take our own notes, wow flashback to early college days. We could also not talk to anyone, even fellow jurors about the case until we could deliberate, that’s a long time to try to keep the facts straight. (Oh I had all my notes, & doodles)

As a juror you are required to report on time, in our case 9am – 4:30. These are great hours if this is your job, however I still had to do my job, which is linked to when the post office is open. So if you are paying attention, I was in court when the post office is open, so I was going to work before court and/or after court. I was still running and doing everything else I do. Now I don’t want sympathy, it has just been a struggle these last 2 weeks. Then there was the epic Hawkeye weekend.  I just need to learn to say no to all the fun things, then I would have time to sleep and recollect myself. However, I enjoy doing all these things and running really kept me sane.

My last thought about being on a jury. It’s the original social experiment. Forget the show Real World, Big Brother or even social media. You are asked to serve with these strangers and discuss a matter with an open mind, but not until the last day. In the meantime you talk to strangers about their lives, what they do, their families and their hobbies. We put away the cell phones and got to know people. It was nice, and who knows if I will ever see them again. Hope I do.

OK– the moment you have all been waiting for…..At this time in the 1oo mile challenge there is a Dunkin Donuts gift card on the line. If you have logged 45 miles, through November 15th, you are eligible for the drawing. (This is done by the random number generator at random.org) First let me say, I am overwhelmed and blown away with all the miles the group has logged. Keep it up, and if at anytime you feel it’s too much, please don’t risk injury.

$25 Dunkin Winner – Linda J!!! (column EM)

Weekly Running Wild Prize Winner – Amy L !!! ( column DX)

Corridor Running Shirt Winner – Neil C !!! (Column CJ)

Congrats everyone!!! Please contact me via DM or email Scweegie@aol.com, if I haven’t contacted you.


So what’s happening next?

  • Fun Run Sunday!!! I will be at the Dunkin Donuts location in Coralville, IA at 8 am on Sunday November, 22. It if’s just me that’s cool, but it will be a fun event, and you can buy donuts and hot drinks afterwards. I am hoping to work out details for a can drive or something. Worried about not fitting in with a pace? I will walk with you (if you run super fast, see you next to my donut when I am done 🙂 )so see you Sunday!!! If you are not in the area, I encourage you to meet with a friend or hold your own social run.
  • As a follow up above, post your pictures, either on twitter or the facebook group. Lets see where you run and your accomplishments. I think it helps keep us all motivated. I also might use it as a cover photo.
  • Running Wild Bib Story – The store is asking runners to bring in your bib, with a small story on the back, to hang on the stores walls, in return you get 15% off.
  • Feedback? Do you all have any questions or concerns?

Keep up the great work. Thanks again for joining the challenge. Special thanks to Running Wild, Dunkin Donuts and Jen Dobel, Avon representative. Have a great week!!


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