Giving Back

Last year, a member of the 100 miles group mentioned something about a fun run, and pie was to be involved. However it never happened, so this year I thought a fun run should happen.


Earlier in the year a group of runners met for a Bibrave Donut Fun Run at my local Dunkin Donuts store. While some don’t want to meet and hear about a product, I do think everyone learned something and enjoyed a social run with donuts. There is also parking and a nice area to run that is void of traffic.


I have decided to do a donut fun run again. This time, I think as a group of runners we can give back. I have contacted the Iowa City Shelter house and they are always in need of donations, they specifically would like toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, etc. They also mentioned that coffee is great to have on hand, if someone was to pick up a pound at Dunkin Donuts.


Please meet at 8 am Sunday November 22, 2o15, at 604 2nd St, Coralville IA.

The Coralville, IA Dunkin Donuts has been gracious when it comes to helping me out, so please stop by and grab a donut and beverage, even if you aren’t running, it would be nice to meet you. You don’t have to be a member of the 100 mile group.


I know this is last minute and not everyone is in Iowa. I will accept monetary donations via paypal and buy your request. If neither of these are possible I encourage you to give back in your community or  volunteer.

Contact me via twitter @angiemaskeberka, Facebook or email:

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