My first Bulu Box

“Disclaimer: I received a 3 month subscription to Bulu Box to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

What is a Bulu Box? It’s a monthly subscription, to have healthy snack and supplement samples delivered to your doorstep.  You can then review the items to earn points to purchase full size items.

There are 2 box choices: Original and weight loss. I went with the original.

Since I will be receiving 3 months, I thought I would review the contents of each month’s box, and then sum up the experience at the end.

I like the idea of this style program, as sometimes you don’t want to purchase 12 of product X just to sample it. What if you don’t like the product? Then you are stuck with the rest.

Make sure to create a user account, so they can fill your box with things you like.

You can’t miss this box at your doorstep, it’s orange with lots of fun, motivational sayings.


Included with my December box:


  • Erzo Vitamin Biscuit
  • 8 Hour Energy Patch
  • Westrock Coffee – KCup
  • Fit & Lean Protein Brownie
  • Fru-licious, fru-twists
  • Shapeology Dietary Supplements

Now once you receive the box, and have sampled each product, you can check on your account at to then review each product and then gain points, to earn savings on future products. I will give you my thoughts, as you can read more about each product on the web.bulu

  • Erzo Vitamin Biscuit {prenatal} cereal bar – I am not going to lie, the word “prenatal” threw me off, I am not pregnant, or looking to get pregnant, should I eat this? Well I thought, hmm it’s just full of lots of good vitamins for me, so I ate it. Actually my husband and I needed something before a mid length run so we split the package. There were 3 biscuits inside. 100% whole grain, non GMO. The bicsuit tasted fine, no ill after taste, just like a dry, crunchy cookie.IMG_0152
  • Fru-licious, Fru-twists – These are great!!! It’s like a fruit rollup meets a twizzler. The box has 6 pouches with 2 twists, in the apple strawberry flavor. GMO, peanut & Gluten Free.  No sugar added, no preservatives. However 12g sugar per serving.IMG_0238
  • MHP, Fit & Lean Protein Brownie – this tastes like fudge, has the consistency of fudge. Most protein bars and such are like this, a condensed bar or ingredients. It tastes good, but the texture is kinda off putting. It has 15 g of protein, 5g fiber and is gluten free. *With protein & fiber, I should feel full, but’s it has been about an hour since I ate this and I am starving!IMG_0252
  • Westrock Coffee K-Cup – How can you go wrong with coffee? Ok I like coffee, so I like this. I think the only downside to this would be not owning a K-cup machine. However I have one. Also the company prides themselves on “crop to cup”


  • 8 hour energy patch- Ok, I admit I was scared to try this. Is this like an energy drink? Do I really need this? It’s a patch, and comes in a pack of 4 patches. The patches are like stickers and are latex. The label is confusing, as one patch provides 4 hours of energy it’s suggested to wear 2 patches. Well being a skeptic, I tried one patch, stuck to the recommended abdomen placing. With my regular coffee I don’t feel any affects. Guess I will try 2 patches at once.


  • Shapeology Dietary Supplements – I am trying to be open and test everything in the box. Normally I wouldn’t use a dietary supplement. Also, will just one make a difference in my diet? There are 2 kinds in the box. There is the Burn Blend (for high metabolism) and then Garcinia Cambogia (weight loss without the jitters) I opened the stimulant free garncinia camgobia to try first, the pills are kinda big. I took one as per instructions a half hour before eating, but I felt no effects, …so not sure if I would need to purchase a bottle. They also have no taste or flavor to them, just big.

I enjoy trying samples, as taste is the first thing that is important to me. However I am not sure I gain the benefits of something with protein or vitamins, by only eating one sample. However I guess the review system, to earn the points to buy more, in a bulkier supply, at a discount is a great program, once you get to try a sample of the product.

WOW, it took almost a month to go through all the things in my first box, I can’t wait to see what arrives in my January box. Secretly hoping for more snack type items. Also wondering if there will be new sayings on the box.

3 thoughts on “My first Bulu Box

  1. I’m hoping for more snack items as well! I don’t have a Keurig and I can’t have much caffeine at a time, so I didn’t try out the energy patch either… 😦

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