Iowa City Valentine’s Day Marathon

I set a lofty goal for 2016, run a marathon a month. However, my wallet says different. While there are marathons every month of the year, there are not many near me. I can’t afford the travel and hotel sometimes, I am not going to let money get in my way.


For February, I will be creating my own marathon – the Iowa City Valentine’s Day Marathon.

Where: Iowa City, IA – outside (inside at the CRWC if weather will not permit)

When: Feb 14, 2016, 7 am.

Who: Me and anyone that wants to run with me, you can run 5 feet, or 5 miles, or the entire route.

What: a marathon around Iowa City & surrounding area

Why: because I can 🙂

The course is as follows, it’s my suggested route, maybe I will see you along the way, with a sign, peanut butter pretzels, or in your running shoes.

I am not asking for money, there are no bibs, no official timing, no medals, no gu, no mile markers, no hydration stops; I am just trying to accomplish this goal.


There is a church on along Muscatine Ave and intersection with Dover, The River Community Church, this is where I will start and finish.

Any questions, or details on the map, or if you are willing to be a traveling fuel / hydration stop, photographer, let me know.


4 thoughts on “Iowa City Valentine’s Day Marathon

  1. Angie,

    How can I best serve you while you’re completing your marathon?

    • Thanks Mark!! I think my husband will run this with me in the entirety, and another friend is running miles 10-15ish with us. I am slow, but always fun to see a familiar face out there. I am also happy with internet support too, THANK YOU

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