Falling in Love with Running

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Valentine’s day is this Sunday, say WHAT??!?!? That’s right, the year is moving right along, and it’s time to celebrate love.  While my husband will always be my number one Valentine, running is my second.


I love running, if you have been reading the blog, you can see this, but maybe you don’t know why I fell in love with running.

Perhaps you think it’s because it has taken me many places. In fact in the last year I have been to 9 states. This has also allowed me to meet many of my twitter friends in real life.

Not only have I been many places and met many people, I have also accomplished a lot of things, at one time I never thought possible. I have ran 90 races the past two years, I logged 2015 (running/walking) miles in 2015. I have ran 10 marathons, and a 50k (or 2) and I am ready to conquer 2016 with 12 marathons, one a month.

However – LETS BE HONEST – I fell in love with running because I LOVE FOOD!!!

I may have loved food too much. Rewind… maybe 6 years ago. I may have loved food too much. I was a volunteer at a women’s gym. I had taken an interest in workout videos, pushing myself hard, and the weight was coming off. I did a couch to 5k program, ran my first 5k, then ran a 7 mile race, signed up for my first half marathon in 2011, then my first marathon on 2012…and the rest is history…

When I started this journey, I also learned about nutrition and calorie counting.  Learning portion control was an eye opener as well as what ingredients were in the things I liked to eat.

In the learning process I was also training for longer runs, which meant I needed to fuel myself. I have tried many things, and the one thing I learned I prefer “real food” to a gu or gel type product. Yes, an occasional donut may sneak in there, but I have learned about the importance of putting something good for me in my body for my best performance.


Perfect Bars are just the answer. From their FAQ page“Other companies use a third party or co-packer to mass produce their bars using a machine-driven extruding process that calls for emulsifiers and preservatives to extend shelf life at room temperature. That’s not the way we do business. Plain and simple, Perfect Bar is real food made by real people


I haven’t had the chance to try all 7 flavors (really wish I did, before this post goes live), including one vegan flavor, almond coconut. I took to social media to decide which flavor to try first…

IMG_1689 (1)

Alright, so the social media vote was all over the place, cranberry, almond varieties and peanut butter were the front runners…so I went with…the peanut butter mini. It’s like a little piece of fudge, but nutty and better for you. No weird after taste or unexpected textures, as it contains real food ingredients.


I next tried the fruit & nut, WOW! This is soooo good!! I can best describe this as puttin a spoon in peanut butter then topping that spoon with fruit and nuts, then eating the spoonful. MMMMM! I can’t wait to try the almond butter flavors.


MMM the Almond Acai, is good too. Had a chance to try this one. I am feeling that these bars are all going to taste like nut butter spoonfuls, topped with fruits and nuts.


They are Gluten Free, kosher, pack lots of protein and non GMO. (& many other things, make sure to check out “what makes them perfect“) They are the perfect size to stick in my running pack, or the mini 100 calorie bar is perfect for my pre-breakfast – you know that something you need before you run 4-7 miles, then come home for the second breakfast. I told you, I love food.

This company, has turned the family recipe into a success.  They offer 7 different flavors, and a mini size. If you are looking to buy some for yourself, check out this “where to buy” tool, and don’t forget they are in the refrigerated section, because the natural fruit, seed and nut oils may begin to separate, and the bars can become oily. Don’t let this deter you, they will last up to 2 weeks not refrigerated, and up to 9 months in the refrigerator.

So not only has running introduced me to new people and new parts of the USA, it’s opened my eyes to some amazing bars and a healthier love for food – it’s why I fall in love with running every run.


Today could be your lucky day, I have a chance for you to win a Perfect Bar Sample Pack, as part of the Bibrave & Perfect Bar “Falling in Love with Running Campaign. You will get the peanut butter, fruit & nut, carob chip, cranberry crunch, almond acai, almond butter, and almond coconut, plus 2 minis, WAIT! That’s not all, you will also get an insulated cooler bag.


It’s simple, just see below to enter the giveaway. This ends midnight Feb 14th (central time, US residents only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Contest has ended, Congrats Erica H!

If you want to learn more about Perfect Bars, follow them on Instagram (they have some fun pictures) twitter (#itsjustperfect), and facebook. Or check out their website www.perfectbar.com


Happy 5th Birthday to my niece, Ella!


5 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Running

  1. These bars are delish, I would have to agree. I first tried them about three years ago. Very good!

  2. Your pics are awesome. You and Josh are too cute!

  3. I love reading your blogs!!

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