2 times the 2Xu

“Disclaimer: I received the 2XU Performance run calf sleeves and Racing Vectr socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

I really like compression gear. I am a believer. I had shin splints really bad when I first started running, I pushed them too far and ended up with posterior tibial tendonitis…after a long break, I returned to running but always wearing compression for runs longer than 3ish miles, and have never looked back.

When I was given the opportunity to test “two times the two times you,” with the compression sleeve and the vectr sock, I jumped on board. Not only due to my love of compression, but 2Xu makes quality products.


The first thing I notice when receiving any 2Xu product is the packaging. They are all in what I like to call a gift box. You open a present every time you get something, the company protects the product in the double boxing method. Also the box has all the information you need to know about the features.

Now before I get to the features, let me say that I usually don’t look into specific socks for running. I usually wear a full compression sock – to the knee. I haven’t had any blisters or problems with hot spots, running in all conditions. On shorter runs I just put on any old sock. So, I was excited to see what a special racing sock was all about.


Also I am lazy, so wearing the full compression sock, I have less items to get attacked by the sock monster that lives in the dryer. I was wondering how wearing 4 pieces of “gear” would be compared to just 2 socks.


Highlights of the Racing Vectr Sock

  • X-lock technology – supports the arch and the ankle to optimize strike and push off, reducing friction and the chance of blisters
  • nylon – breathable & lightweight
  • no show
  • heel cup – cushioning
  • propulsion pad – for impact and push off
  • ergonomic – made for the left & right foot
  • linked toe – seamless construction
  • dry panels – keep feet dry
  • made for comfort in all seasons.


Highlights of the Compression Performance Run Sleeves

  • PWX compression fabric – supports shin & calf muscles
  • graduated fit to promote circulation for performance & recovery
  • seamless construction
  • high filament yarns to wick sweat
  • antibacterial
  • UPF50+ sun protection

Each item is sized. The socks go by shoe size and the sleeves go by calf circumference.


Ok, now that I have told you all the info that is on the back of the box, I will move on to my experience.


I kept a little “journal”

  • Feb 27 – the sleeves are long, but comfy. The socks are great!
  • March 3 – wore them to work, under jeans. Ran 3 miles at lunch in them. Feel good.
  • March 8 – slept in them, wore to work, under jeans. Ran at lunch. Sleeves still long, socks give feet a hug.
  • March 13 – Recovery, wore for about 6 hours in the car
  • March 17 – pain in foot/arch, wore sleeves & socks to give legs and feet a hug


I am sure I missed some of the times I wore them. I was on a taper for a marathon when I was testing them, so they came in handy for keeping my tired legs fresh, and for recovery. I never had any problems when I ran in them, and no blister problems. I really like that the sock is not overly cushioned too, those socks can make my feet hot.


I didn’t have any additional problems from wearing 4 pieces of gear either. I always wore the socks with the sleeves. There is a benefit too, I can wear sandals or flip flops with the sleeves, something I can’t with a full compression sock. The sleeve wasn’t too tight, but tight enough. I could get them on and off without a struggle.


The biggest concern I had was the length, they were long on me, but I made it work. My calves are large, so to fit that size I think they make it up in the length. I have to layer the sock and the sleeve, the over lapping causes me no problems.


Want to see what the other pros are saying? Well check out their reviews, and check out all the other colors available.

FrankRachelJessica RHeatherJeremy ChristineMark Sarah MSamanthaLaura M. – Jessica BLisaHaley – Erica

Wow so many awesome pros 🙂


If you want to learn more about 2xu, make sure to check out their website, in fact if you place an order before April 30 you can save 15% with code TRAIN15

Or find them on twitter, instagram and facebook to see how you can #trainsmarter




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