UI Doc Dash 2016

The 2016 Doc Dash took place April 9, it was sunny and near 30 degrees. Race started at 9 am.


This race supports the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic and the University of Iowa Mobile Clinic. This is the 3rd year I have done this race, mostly because I can run to the start. However not sure how excited I was about the new course, changed due to the USA Olympic Trials.

Registration: This was available online and on race day. I can’t remember how much I paid, but in the $20-$30 range. I believe shirts were an additional cost, and this year they were a short sleeve technical shirt. Also included was a bib with timing chip.

I didn’t get a shirt, so it’s why I can’t remember the details. However I do not need another shirt.

Expo/ packet pick up: There is no expo for this event, but rather some booths with health information set up at the packet pick up times. An email was sent to inform participants of the pick up the day before the race, you could also get your bib the day of the race. Someone else could grab your packet. Participants received a plastic bag full of flyers with the bibs.

Josh grabbed my packet for me, as he drives by the building on his way to/from work.

Parking (for packet pick up and race day) available in nearby parking ramp (for a fee), or about 1/4 mile away in Dental lot. Race day logistics could have been a problem if you didn’t plan ahead because of this years increase of traffic due to the wrestling trials.

I ran to this race, I didn’t have to worry about the parking situation. I chose a different route, and ended up running some of the finish of the new course. It had us going under a bridge, and there was an “urban woodsman” sleeping in the tunnel. I hoped he would no be there during the race. It was also a weird part, as this tunnel, and then the aprroach to the skywalk were part of the course. This was my first notice that the course would be on sidewalks.


Pre-Race: The medical building (this is held on the University campus) was open for people to use the real bathroom, or just stay warm. There was a kids race before the 5k – the Docling Dash.

There was no National Anthem, but some announcements were made on a bullhorn. I didn’t hear much that was said, except the woman kept saying “sidewalks”. I did hear the siren for the start, and as everyone moved forward, so did I.

Race/course – *as mentioned before, new course*
-mile markers
-lots of volunteers at every turn
-sidewalks (as mentioned before) I figured out why the woman kept saying it, runners were encouraged to stay on the sidewalks. 
– all paved, not major problems, just watch footing for possible potholes
-elevation- no huge climbs, but the end was uphill
-scenery – run through some residential, some campus, and near the river
-there was a guy taking pictures at the finish line
– no spectators

My Race: I was familiar with the course, and knew once we were off Newton Rd, there wouldn’t be much traffic in the residential neighborhood. However runners were encouraged to use the sidewalk. It was just awkward and slightly crowded. I agree it’s the safest, but maybe there was something off with the course change and the permit process.

The first half mile had some uphill, and I was clipping right along, and my first mile was near 9  minute pace. (keep in mind I ran 4.15 miles to get to the race.) I kept pushing, and the weather had me dress warm, which was almost too warm, so I stripped off my gloves and Buff…and mile 2 came in at 8:53, DANG!

Then it hit me….and it was a super flat section of the course, along the river….I just didn’t have it in me, and to top it all off, it was now time to run under the bridge and finish uphill. Mile 3 was at 9:41, ouch!


Finish:There was an inflatable arch and timing mat set up for runners to cross. The timing company had a trailer set up to get results, and a TV was scrolling the results.

I then realized, I finished 2nd in my AG. However it was close!


Post race: ALL THE FOOD! bananas, oranges, bagels, strudel bits, cupcakes, coffee, water. Raffle prizes given to those who commented on the facebook page or had raffle tickets. The awards were handed out to overall and age groups.

Overall: For the price and the fact I can run to this race, I always do it. Not sure I liked the sidewalks this year, but it’s a good race.


Personal: I really like a small, local feeling 5k. Not only is it an ego boost, but it’s speed work in disguise. My training has been all over the place too, so it’s nice just to be able to get to run.


I went over to CHA, to say hi to Josh…then I passed by the UI baseball field, where warm ups were happening, followed by a quick stroll near Kinnick and I was on my journey home, another 4.26 miles.  I had a total of 11.52 miles for the day.


I’ve added my review to Bibrave.com DO THE SAME 🙂


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