Bermuda1 – Casual Shades for Everyday

“Disclaimer: I received the xx2i Optics Bermuda1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Ok…so it seems most of my blog posts start with a disclaimer anymore…. I know, I know…but being a Bibrave Pro is awesome, in fact the application process is open, and you can apply!!!


Why did I note this? Well the XX2i Bermuda1 casual sunglasses are not even for sale yet. The partnership with Bibrave has allowed me to try them out before they even hit the market.

These are fun casual sunglasses, perfect for anything, and I made sure to try them out for all activities. I wore them at work, went to an auction, wore them for driving, walked the dogs, went for a run, mowed the lawn, wore them to a banquet, being a tourist and finally wrestled them away from my husband so I could write this post.

IMG_2628 (1)

I do have some information from XX2i about these, as listed on the packaging:

Who doesn’t love a lifetime guarantee?


From testing these out in various applications I have come up with a list of the pros and cons.


  • polarized lenses, I love that my eyes are protected
  • I love the mirrored finish, a little mystery as to where I am looking
  • light weight
  • I look good – I will let all the pictures do the talking
  • they reduce glare on the inside of my windshield when I am driving
  • I like the vibrancy they bring out when I put them on, even on a cloudy day
  • they come in a great storage case, so they don’t get damaged with a storage bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth
  • they are a bit larger, they protect more of your face from the sun


  • no adjustable parts, so they ride up an sit close to my eyebrows, and I need to situate them just right so they don’t feel tight behind my ears when wearing a head band or hat (maybe a personal preference?)


  • no ventilation for running …. ok so these are casual shades, maybe I shouldn’t run in them….I do like my XX2i USA1 shades for running, because they are made for running, just thought I would mention this as I did test this out.

Now what? Well I told you all about these great shades and you can’t purchase them…..YET…good news – XX2i will be joining the April 26th #bibchat on twitter at 8pm CT, when you will be able to find out more.

You can follow XX2i on twitter @xx2i and don’t forget to follow me @angiemaskeberka I mean where else are you going to get all these great selfies?

You can also learn of great discounts too, for example code “xx2iRocks” will save you 50% on any purchase at

Ok, too much Angie for you? Well make sure to check out what the other pros thought about these great shades:

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8 thoughts on “Bermuda1 – Casual Shades for Everyday

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  4. love them! maybe as they evolve the non running sunglasses will incorporate running sunglasses features, to be a hybrid of sorts, does that even make sense?

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