Hospital Humid Run

“Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Hospital Hill Re-Run as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check to review find and write race reviews!

The crazy race schedule continues, that’s right on the road again…this time with a road trip to Kansas City, as I would be taking on my 3rd Hospital Hill Re-Run…cuz why travel all that way for one race? I would be running the 5k on Friday night and the half marathon Saturday morning.

One of my favorite things about being a Bibrave pro is traveling and meeting other pros. This weekend I would see pro Laura M and Cassie. I was excited!

I rolled into the expo at about 4:30/5pm Friday night at the Crowne Center Convention center. Lucky for me I was also staying at the Sheraton attached to this, so I could just park my car for the events, and walk to everything race related. Parking was $17 per day. If you were there for the expo, 3 hour validation was available for FREE parking.

For my official race review , you know the details about costs and race facts, check out .

I saw Laura and her friend Sara at the entrance to the expo. They had already got their bibs and perused the expo, but they guided me through. I quickly pulled up my bib number and found my 2 bibs for my races, I was then sent to another table to grab my gender specific, short sleeved tech shirt, then sent another spot to pick up my quarter zip pullover for the re-run challenge.


This year the race was going with a fun superhero theme.

In the past the race swag has been crazy, flip flops, fleece blankets, backpacks.  I am not sure that costs went down, but just a shirt and pullover this year.  I don’t need another shirt, lol.

We checked into the hotel, and got ready to run the 5k, which started at 7pm. It was hot, about 80 degrees. I knew what to expect, as I had run before, but when we departed the hotel, I pointed out the first hill to Laura and Sara…yes even the 5k is full of hills. Don’t let the name fool you, there is more than one hill in Kansas City.


Gear: BR tee, Survivor Buff, XX2i USA1 sunglasses, Sparkle Athletic donut skirt, purple Pro Compression socks, Adidas 7″ boy short, brooks ghost 8, Garmin Fenix 3, Road ID




I didn’t have any huge goal, but every 5k I try to stay under 30 minutes. With a half marathon the next day and predicted hot/humid temps, I wasn’t going all out. Ok so I am not a super speedy racer, but I would have given more effort.


The race start is always very crowded as it’s a family friendly event, so many participants. Even a huge charity presence. I was on my way after the live National Anthem and some rockin tunes from the band stationed near the start/finish.

That first hill seems to get longer every time, but I made it to the top and just kept moving. Said thanks to all the volunteers along the way. There was a water stop at the half way point and a “misting” station. Oops, should have put my phone in a Ziploc. It was hot, I was sweaty.

Download (3)

However being hot and sweaty, everyone seemed to pace themselves accordingly, and prepared for the conditions.

Finishing up, the lead singer of the band was now singing on the street, giving out high fives, just near another arch misting stop.  Once across the finish line, a volunteer handed you a medal (medal for a 5k, wahoo!) and a bottle of water.  Then after a left turn, there was bananas, granola bars, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, chocolate milk and ice cream sandwiches.

I finished in a time of 29:49

This year there was “real” post race beer, YAY. Rock and Run Brewery had 2 different brews on tap, and the line moved quickly, it was good and cold. One beer was free with the tag on your bib, which had your DOB printed on it. Also as a tag on your bib was a post race BBQ “dinner”. I passed on this, with a half the next day, a pulled pork sandwich, baked beans and cole slaw weren’t going to do it for me. Also not a huge pulled pork fan.

I think my favorite part of this race is the FREE post race ART stretching. It’s not massage and it’s not just stretching. Every year I return to Iowa looking for someone who does this, it’s an active release way of fixing my aches and pains. Jordan, pushed and stretched my posterior tibial tendinitis and it was like I had a new leg!! He said to come see him before the race in the morning too.

Laura, Sara and I hung out and decided to grab some pizza at a place across the way from the start/finish. This would be something better for half fueling. We each got mini pizzas and a side salad, and enjoyed catching up. Laura is moving to Ireland, so it was nice to hang out. As we sat we also saw them converting the start / finish area for the next races. It was a well oiled machine.


Are you still reading? That was just my adventure for the 5k…up next the half marathon….

After some weak coffee in the hotel room, and my trusty granola bar, I was ready as I was ever going to be to tackle the hills of Kansas City. I debated on taking my Orange Mud pack, but I knew the course would be well stocked. It was going to be another hot/humid race, which was different as the past 2 years it has rained.


Gear: BR tank, Sparkle Athletic Superhero skirt, Procompression socks, Iowa Nike hat, XX2i USA1 sunglasses, BR Buff, Adidas 7″ boyshort, Garmin Fenix 3, Road ID, Moving comfort bra, lathered in 2Toms, Brooks Ghost 8, spibelt.

We left the hotel and walked the short 5 mins to the race start. There were plenty of port-o-potties, and free coffee.Something that is gold on race morning, lol.  We wandered over to the ART tent to get some pre-race stretching, my main man Jordan wasn’t there, but I made a new friend Merina, who introduced to a new stretch that looked like I was a walking duck.

We then spotted Cassie and her friendly dog.


After some chatting, we self seeded into the pace suggested corrals. There were some announcements and then the National Anthem, and it was time to run.


In the back of my head I wanted to better than my last half, which was the weekend before in Madison, it was also my worst time ever!  I knew I would be battling the humidity, but I was going to give it a go.

Download (1)

I was near the 10:30/11 minute per mile, when I lined up. I started with a 2:20 pacer….only to start too fast and catch up with an additional 2:20 pacer, running about 30 seconds or so ahead of the other. You’re confused? So was I, but with chip timing and whatnot, a pacer can start anywhere and get you to that goal…

I stuck with the pacer for quite a while, he was very encouraging, always making sure to have people stop to hydrate. Thoughtful words about taking it easy on the uphills as well. However this pacer was all over the place with mile splits… I would have a 10:13 mile, then a 10:52… I know GPS and stuff can be off, but there was never a steady pace…

I eventually called it quits, threw in the towel….at about mile 10, or when we get near Country Club plaza, and there is a giant never ending hill to climb. I walked a littler longer at this hydration stop…you know savor the last few drops of that lemon lime Gatorade. Then letting the reality of the heat/humidity pass in as I saw a runner being tended to by EMS, I just slowed er down…I was soo sweaty my skirt was heavy as it was soaking wet…

It was on this hill there was real food in the form of orange slices…mmmm they are so good on a run, juicy and sweet! I even picked up a lei – aloha. This running store sponsored stop also had some candy.

I kept on trucking and out of the corner of my eye the second 2:20 pacer was creeping up on me.Hmmm, ok, maybe I can stick with this guy? Ya, that didn’t happen…he was also doing some weird pacing, he would walk the uphills and speed race the downhills… I passed him on THE hospital hill, only to have him and his group pass me again… I don’t get pacing?

I was just ready to be done, there were lots of people cheering the last mile, and I even had a photographer capture me and a wonderful moment, of just wanting to be done running, lol.

Download (2)


I finished!  What I really wanted was some electrolytes… I am a salty sweater/runner…but there was no Gatorade or similar type drink at the finish line. After we recieved the half medal and re-run medal (which was specific for either the 10k or half) We got a wet sponge, bottle of water, chocolate milk, bananas, ice cream sandwich, cheese stick, granola bars, peanut butter crackers or cheddar crackers.


I did do better than last week, but still  a far cry from that one time I broke 2 hours.

There were a lot of things to hold, but I managed to shove some things into the elastic of my race belt, and then leave the chute catching some sprinkles from the misting arch. I did manage to lose a granola bar too, as it fell from my belt.


I went to stand in the beer line, and met back up with Laura and Sara…those speed demons were already showered.Today’s beer line was long, but it moved right along, and it was cold…and only 10 am, LOL


We sat and enjoyed the shade and our beers, we then decided to check out what we got when we turned in our pancake tickets.


In years past there was a fancy pancake machine that cooked the cakes, and we got sausage links and some orange Tang style drink. This year was different…There was pancakes,but also lots of breads & pastries and bagels & cream cheese. NO DRINKS…in fact the only post race drink was the one bottle of water right after the finish line…hmm hope this changes…it was hot…

We wondered back over to the finish line to see if we could snag another bottle of water, there were a lot of unopened packages still sitting on the curb. Then we saw people were still finishing, and they had formed the “tunnel of love” to celebrate everyone finishing. I remember this from last year. We went to join this, very inspiring to watch the last of the racers come across the finish line.


In fact there is a guy who has run 42 of the 43 races, pretty cool!

Then it was all over….we took the trek back to the hotel, all 5 minutes of it, and packed up our belongings, and said our good-byes. Best of luck to Laura as she starts a new adventure in Ireland. I hope to meet Sara again somewhere on a race course.

Hospital Hill has a great race, it’s always an event. The price is right and the course is a challenge, remember there is more than one hill. I hope it’s even better in the future, I can’t wait to return.


So what’s next? Well I will pick up a race here and there, but I am still on pace to crush my marathon a month goal… Grandma’s in Duluth is my June race, and I am also considering running Run 4 Troops the week after that…and I think I will make my own July race as there just aren’t many midwest options…







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