CVNT Ultra – details

ROUTE CHANGE!!!!! Contact me for information. Change due to safety .

July is HERE!! It’s time to conquer my monthly marathon. I am in the same boat as I was for February…low on cash and no close 26.2’s…so I am creating my own run on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, and I want you to join!

Saturday July 16

I have been doing some googling and mapping and have decided to run the segment of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail between Gilbertville, IA to Urbana, IA. This is about 27 miles long. Like I said, all this info is from the internet, so I am kind of running this blindly, but it will be an new adventure. (also looking for any input you can share with me)

Start – Intersection of Washburn Rd and the CVNT, Gilbertville, IA

Finish – Intersection of S Center Ave & South St, Urbana, IA ( I think there is a park here)


I know that the trail is crushed limestone. I know it passes through some smaller towns. Looks like La Porte City is on the route. I know that in Brandon, IA there is a toilet.

The plan is for me to get dropped off in Gilbertville by my husband, I am planning a 6:30-7:oo am start…he will be driving the car along the route, meeting me at various spots where the trail intersects with roads, with food and drink. I know that he would like to run with me too, so if anyone else is interested in joining the running or crewing, let me know. The sooner the better, so we can make arrangements with cars or whatnot, or maybe you have your own crew, which would make it fun too.

Ride your bike…just join for fun…

I plan to end in Urbana, IA. I know there is a small park with a shelter house, we can order a Casey’s pizza to celebrate the accomplishment. Heck maybe I will get some medals too!!

This is the rough plan, let’s make it work!

More maps and stuff to come


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