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“Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Endurance Pack as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check to review find and write race reviews.”


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If you recall I have the Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack one. It is a hydration pack that is worn like a back pack and holds one bottle. Which is great for a short run, but what do you do when you need more? Sure – I could get the pack that holds 2 bottles, but what if I could still carry more?

Enter the Orange Mud Endurance Pack. It’s the same back pack style idea, but with a 70 oz bladder for liquid.

Here is a small video that explains all the bells and whistles:

Notes I forgot to mention:

  • The front pockets have a drawstring on them to keep things inside.
  • My pack is green, it also comes in gray and orange
  • There really isn’t any rule what to store in what pocket, the possibilities are endless, like carrying an additional bottle with more liquid
  • It comes with a 70 oz Hydrapak bladder, however it is easily removable and you could add a different one.
  • There is mention on the website of a trekking pole attachment, I am not sure where this goes or what it is.

The following thoughts are from each of my uses of the pack:

July 12 – This is my first run with the pack. I washed the bladder out, however I didn’t fill it, as I just wanted to feel the overall fit.I ran 4.5 miles around Iowa City. Put my phone in front chest pocket, Glukos tablet tube in shoulder which was annoying as the tube didn’t bend, and I could feel it on my shoulder. The fit of the pack was great. The side cinching straps are LONG, but the flapping didn’t bother me. The drink tube is super long, but tucked it in the loops and across my body. (Orange tank)

IMG_5879 (1)

July 14 – My second run, and I filled bladder, but not full. There was the sloshing noise. The fit is very snug, better than the Hydraquiver VP1 I think due to it’s fit around the boobs. (TMI, I don’t care) It doesn’t bounce. Tube is long, but stick in spot across chest. Lots of pocket space! I actually wore the pack to run to a sealed bid sale for work and was able to fit the bidding packet of papers in the back. At the sale a non runner thought I was wearing a parachute. Again I carried my Glukos tube in shoulder pocket and it just doesn’t fit well in the shoulder pocket.

July 16CVNT trail 50k. I ran a 50k with this! I filled the bladder full, pockets had a granola bar, trail mix, pb pretzels, go pro camera, iphone, Glukos tablets tube, & fruit twists. Fit snug around the front, it was heavy, but didn’t feel heavy. Sloshing, the more I drank the stranger the fit against my sports bra (but I should have worn one without a clasp) – all the chaffing!!!! ( I didn’t tighten the side straps as I drank the water, it fit better once I filled the bladder again.) My husband crewed me on my run and I had to refill the water. Water gets warm in tube. ( forgot to keep blowing it back into the pack.) Realized I could move the front straps, they are adjustable.

July 18 – I gave this a try on a bike ride. It was also 2 days after a 31 mile run. Easy to access the pockets on the go, long hose isn’t a problem. No hassles. It’s nice to be able to easily access water on a bike, don’t have to wrangle a bottle from the frame. Side note, my bike sucks…taking donations, lol.

July 23 – I hit up the local trails and I filled it with water. I drove to the trail, so I had my keys with me, I had already put the pack on, and was to lazy to hook the key on the hook in the back zippered part, so I put in the front chest pocket, where there is no key hook, I heard the key rattle, but this is user error. I heard the sloshy noise, but I had the fit under control, and no chafe.

July 28 – I took a vacation to Colorado, which is at a higher elevation than I am used to. The key to adjusting is drinking a lot of water, so I took this on my hiking adventures. I first hiked the Flat Irons in Boulder. I brought water and snacks. Never felt heavy, fit good. I had packed a granola bar and some trail mix, in addition to my wallet, go Pro, and cell phone. I could feel it sweaty on my back, but never felt hot.

July 29– Hiking Estes Park – I clipped a jacket on the back, there are so many clips. I took a tram to the top of a peak. I did some additional hiking around the peak. Took a break on the mountain to have some trail mix. I took the pack off and used as a pillow to take a nap.


Aug 4 – Used it for a short run, but it was HOT with a feels like temp of 100. Pack didn’t feel too hot. Sloshing noise. As water leaves the pack, the fit becomes more loose, discovered to just blow it back up with air from the tube and it fits snug again, especially when the straps are as tight as possible.


Aug 6 – I wore the pack as a backpack only, in a supported 10k. I had brought koozies to distribute at a the race, instead of using gear check, I just stuffed them in the pack when I ran. The fit was great, and I was able to use the front pockets to store my phone and ID. It was also great post race to hold all the snacks and things so I could open a bottle of water to drink. I wished I had put the bladder in though, I could have used more water on the run and afterwards for hanging out.


*thanks for modeling Heather, and for the pics!

Aug 7– I wrote a quick twitter message to Orange Mud. I know I am concerned about bacteria growing in the hose, it’s the worry with all bladder packs. I have heard to store them in the freezer between uses. I had to ask if this Hydrapak bladder was safe to do so, if the plastic could handle the extreme cold temps. Not only did they respond in like minutes, but the pack is safe for the freezer!

How do you care for this?

  1. The back pack fabric: I usually hand wash with some mild detergent and hang to dry. I have also heard it’s a possibility to use a machine and wash on the gentle cycle. I will also spray it in between uses with a stink free spray.
  2. The bladder: I use some soap and hot water and wash it clean. I open the top and put over a water bottle to dry out. It’s hard to clean the hose. I have a small brush I can use, I bought for another bladder pack I have. I would say you could put in your dishwasher too, but I have not tried this.


After all these test runs and uses, here are the things I like:

  • All the pockets! This is truly a running backpack, makes it possible to literally run errands. I can bring an additional drink with me.
  • The fit! There are so many adjustable straps and clips to make it work for your body.
  • Light weight – weighing in at 9.5 oz with no liquid.
  • The Material! It breathes and is soft on the skin, when you have the right fit, it doesn’t budge or chafe your skin.
  • The closure of the bladder, no screw on caps to worry about leaks. Easy to fill.
  • The pocket for the bladder, you could easily remove this one and put in your favorite one.

Things I am not so crazy about:

  • The bladder. It can be a pain to clean and it will make a sloshy noise. I can’t squirt water on my head from the hose.
  • Have to take off pack to access anything stored in the back pockets.

Overall thoughts – As far as bladder style hydration packs, this one was created with the end user in mind, it’s easy to customize, to work for you. Plenty of pockets, many straps for adjustment and the ability to carry a lot of water are what stand out.

I can’t wait to wear it this basketball season. I like to run to the games, about 3.5 miles across town, and I like to bring a change of clothes with me. This will be perfect to still get through the door and carry all my necessities.

If you need to learn more about Orange Mud, make sure to check out their website –

Or follow them:

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