UCAN – snack bar review

UCAN snack bars

Disclaimer: I received a multi pack of the Generation UCAN snack bars to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I am always looking for something easy when it comes to running and “fueling.” Especially for those weekday runs of 4-8 mile runs, where I run in the morning and don’t want to eat a full breakfast before hitting the pavement. I have done cookies and granola bars, but always looking for a better option.

I was excited when I got the chance to try the UCAN snack bars. The Bibrave Pros had a chance to review the Generation Ucan SuperStarch Drink Mix a few months back and after reading what they had to say, I knew I should give these a try.

Sustaining your blood sugar is the key to maintaining your energy so you can perform your best. UCAN prevents the spike and crash of sugar-based fuels and is gentle on the stomach. No more bonking and GI distress!

First things first, what is SuperStarch? Why is this so special or different?

From www.generationucan.com – This natural, slow-releasing carbohydrate keeps blood sugar stable and delivers steady energy for your brain and body.

The idea behind this bar is that you will be fueled longer and will avoid that sugar high crash. Super starch is a slower process, keeping you energized longer.

Ok, this is great news, you know eating a cookie to fuel…while it could be packed with peanut butter, it contains a lot of sugar.

I received my multi package box the day before I would be leaving to run a trail marathon. As I don’t like to try anything new on race day, the bars had to wait until I got back home.

My First taste:

Aug 23 – Peach Passion Bar with SuperStarch, 15g SuperStarch, 4 g protein, 6 g cocoa butter, 4 g fiber, 170 cals, smells good & peachy, looks strange, like a bar of soap. Tastes fine, but the texture is throwing me off, kinda chalky.

Aug 25- Chocolate bar with SuperStarch, 10g SuperStarch, 6g protein, 4g coconut oil, 5g fiber, 180 cals. Weird texture bar coated in chocolate. Better than peach, not as chalky. I was able to eat 3/4 of the bar and I headed out on a run of about 4 miles. I was hungry when I returned home. However, my metabolism is all screwy from my weird racing schedule and I didn’t eat anything else but this bar.

Sept 6 – Coffee Bean Bar – I opened this with high hopes as it smells soo good! I love coffee!! I am always starving before lunch and need something to hold me over. However, I just can’t get past the texture…so dry and chalk like. 15G SuperStarch 4G protein 6 g cocoa butter 4g fiber.

Sept 13 – Cinnamon Swirl Bar. I am really struggling, but I am remaining optimistic, so I opened this bar and took a bite. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It didn’t have the weird chalky aftertaste texture, or it was covered by the cinnamon. I had a few bites before my 3.36 mile run. I would say this one is my favorite tasting & texture. 13 G SuperStarch, 5 g protein, 6 g cocoa butter, 4 g fiber. 170 calories.

Now, I did consider dipping these in peanut butter…yes, I am that person… I also see there is a Chocolate Peanut Butter bar available. It was not in my multi pack, I would like to try that one too, I would think oils in peanut butter would make it less chalky.

I was just looking at the multi pack available through https://store.generationucan.com/products/barboxmulti and it appears you would receive 10 bars and 2 of each flavor ( peach, cinnamon, coffee bean, chocolate, peanut butter chocolate). If you would like to do this, use code BIBRAVE for 15% savings.

After trying all the flavors I was given. I am not sure I can get passed the texture to enjoy these, or to say they actually work. I am a different breed, I get thrown off by texture, it’s why I don’t like the traditional gel/gu – however many people like those too.

I think I prefer a bar with nuts, seeds or fruit vs this style of bar. I was glad that I had the chance to try these. I think if you are the person who likes the texture of protein bars, these are for you. I do think superstarch is a great way to fuel a run.

If you would like to read more about these, please check out what my fellow Bibrave pros had to say: GINAMARK – HEATHERJESSICABRIANSAMANTHA

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