Turkey Week

Keep moving 100 milers!!!

This week may start the busy holiday season for most. Traveling to meet with family, or hosting a gathering can take a lot of your time, and running takes a back seat. Hang in there…and log a few miles, we are all cheering for you. In fact encourage the family to run that Turkey Trot with you!

I know, for me, running is a great stress reliever, so even though the holidays start to take more of my time, I always find a way to squeeze in at least a 3 miler. “There are 24 usable hours in everyday.”

Ok, so there are many international members of the group too, and may not be celebrating the holiday. However, maybe you have some tips for keeping accountable during a time like this?


Getting right to it – Congrats to Ryan P for winning the Corridor Running shirt and to Katie B for winning the Bibrave prize pack!

A few events happening this week I would like to mention:

  • Corridor Running is hosting the Run Turkey Run. It’s a social/fun run! There is a suggested donation of 3 nonperishable food items. The run is a 5 mile distance. Meet up at the Franklin Middle School track on Thursday, November 24th, at 8am. (corner of E Ave NE and 20th St NE in Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • The Fleet Feet Davenport¬†Track Friday, Donut Prediction mile. This will be November 25th at 8am at the Bettendorf High School. More details here¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/1101888026575272/

Now – get out there and log some miles! Keep your encouraging pictures coming!

My week really isn’t much different than any other week. I continue to train for my 50k the first week of December. I will also be taking part in Black and Gold Friday, GO HAWKS! (Beat the Huskers!)

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