Closing In….

The last full week of the 100 miles challenge has come and gone, are you close to achieving your goal? How did you get there? Was it a challenge?

I am happy to have you all on board to do this each year, so I hope you are finishing strong, and meet the goal you set out to accomplish.


I have a Corridor Running shirt to giveaway this week. The lucky winner is Faye P. CONGRATS!!!

Also, if you have read this, and want the “clean out the prize closet” prize, please comment on the FB thread (or let me know) and I will enter you into the drawing. If you would like to know, this ends up being samples I have picked up at expos, and I really don’t need them, but happy to share with someone else as I don’t want to throw them away.

Alright, finish this thing off!! The grand prize is on the line, an Orange Mud Hydraquiver and don’t forget the medal rack!


2 thoughts on “Closing In….

  1. Loving my 26.2 keychain…. using it every day! Amazing how easy it is to find my keys.



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