Congrats 100 milers!

WOW, what a fast month, seems like just yesterday the 100 miles in November challenge just began.


Hope you all met your goals, whether it was running 100 miles, or just making sure to run 3 times a week. Accomplishing what you set out to do is something no one can take away from you. I want to be the first to congratulate you and thank you for keeping me inspired along the way.


The moment everyone has been waiting for the GRAND PRIZE winners….

Congrats to Todd M for winning the Orange Mud Hydraquiver!!!!

Congrats to Linda J for winning the hand made medal rack!!!

Last, but not least, the “Clean the closet” prize goes to…. Kathy M.

For everyone that completed the challenge, Phil at Fleet Feet Davenport will have a list of the names that have completed the 100 miles. He will have a $15 coupon on a pair of shoes for you. Any questions, let me know. (Can only be used at this FF location)

Please thank the people and companies that support this challenge, they make it more fun and encouraging along the way.

Thank you Corridor Running for providing the weekly shirts, if you want to buy any CR gear, they do have a website.

A huge thanks to Bibrave for providing the 2, trucker hat prize packs. If you are ever considering a race, check out the reviews at Or maybe you had a good/bad experience yourself, make sure to leave a review too.

Also, this challenge wouldn’t be as encouraging without the mid month Dunkin Donuts prize, they graciously offered a $50 gift card. Thank you!!! Now pass the donuts!

Last, but not least, my sister. She made the medal rack. She likes to use old wood to make creations with string. You can check out her business on facebook, or look her up and she can custom create anything you like.

Now, I am very busy right now, so please be patient on hearing from me and receiving your prizes. Thanks!!


I hope you are ready for the holiday season. Will you start a new goal? Will you take a break? What are you going to do next, tell us!!!



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