Ganzo’s 2017

Ganzo’s Cinco De Mayo 5k – Race Recap


The 2017 5k was on Saturday, May 6th – GASP! Right, it wasn’t on the 5th of May… but some how we all managed… The race started at 9 am after the kids race at 8:30. It was a nice sunny day, around 50-60 degrees, oh and it was in Davenport, IA.

For a no frills review –

I was no stranger to this event, in fact when I ran the race in 2014, I was an award winner in the costume contest. Since then the race leadership was taken over by the guy who puts on the Quad Cities Marathon. The race still benefits the Autism Society of the Quad Cities.

I made it to Davenport just before 8 am. I still had to get my packet, and that closed at 8:30. Parking was a little different this time around, but available across the highway at the high school for free.

Packet pick up was quick and easy. I told the volunteers my bib number, from an email I received the week before. There were computers set up to register too, I think the race topped out over $40, but you get a medal, and a post race PAR-TAY!

I took my plastic bag full of too many race flyers… seriously there are too many things I don’t need. Anyway, I took my things, which also included a soft – short sleeve- unisex tee, a koozie, a pen and my bib with timing strip; back to my car. Then it was back across the highway again, to wait for the race to start.

While I waited, I met up with my sister and niece. Of course, my niece didn’t want to run the kids run, until they showed up to the race…. too late. We did cheer the kids on. Then we ran into Kevin, and chatted until we had to get into the corrals.

The corrals were jammed with people, including people with strollers and walkers just lined up where they wanted. Everyone was ready to go at 9 am, but then there were announcements – first from the race director, then it was the charity spokesman, then the mayor, I think the restaurant owner said a few words, then it was time for a live singing for the National Anthem, then the mayor told us how he was going to start the race…. I know right, just start already….

The race was finally on!!! I started out slow and steady…no goal, but the usual sub-30. I gave my sister and niece a high five on the way by. I then stuck with Kevin and we ended up running the race together.  As we ran, we saw Joel whiz by real quickly…. and then he disappeared.

The race started with a small up hill, and snaked through a residential neighborhood. There were some more rolling hills, and busy streets. There were 2, yes 2 water stops for a 5k, which is awesome!! We chatted and ran, thanked all the volunteers, and before we knew it were running the last stretch of the race.

We passed by my sister and niece again for another high five, and then crossed the timing mat, and we were done!!! The volunteer gave us our medals. There was no water or food in this area. If you wanted to continue walking the finishing chute, there were results to get printed out. My time was just over 29 minutes, yay another sub-30!

Joel appeared from no where, he just smoked the 5k!! All three of us went to watch finishers come in. We cheered on a lady running in a taco costume!! Then we saw Kelly zoom by.

It was time to go check out the post race events, and I wanted some water. The post race party was under a giant tent in the parking lot. An ID was required to gain admission, I am not sure if kids were allowed with a guardian. Funny story… I had once again misplaced my ID, and didn’t have it with me… and because I am me, I have a picture of my ID on my phone, they accepted that, and I had a wrist band to enter…. OK, so I don’t look 16 either.

The first thing to grab was a cold beer, Bud Light and a shot of tequila… well I grabbed those things too, cuz you know, fiesta! I didn’t have enough hands to grab anything else, so I took half the shot of tequila and washed it down with the Bud Light… cuz that’s what you do… I then decided I was done with that… so done… so I finally found that bottle of water I really should have been drinking. There were bananas and chips and salsa too. There was a taco truck set up for purchase of food.

Also under the tent was a stage with entertainment, live music!!  They also used this area to announce the awards. The party was happening!!

However, my sister was leaving, so I left the party to say “see ya later to them.” However, I hung around longer to chit chat with Joel, Kelly and Kevin. One of my favorite things about races is meeting my friends and hanging out!!

Sadly, that had to come to an end too, so we said our goodbyes… well mostly… I gave Kevin a ride home, via a stop at Dunkin Donuts. Had to get some coffee and munchkins.

This next part I am only documenting for personal purposes, and hope it never happens again. On the way home I had a slight headache develop. I had thoughts of – maybe I shouldn’t have taken half that shot, but it was only half a shot… or did I drink enough water? Did I lose too much salt? Not enough sleep? (I stayed up the night before to watch Breaking 2) Why do I have a headache? 

I usually get a bad headache or migraine due to hormones or dehydration / lack of salt. However, I just don’t think this was the underlying cause, as it got worse. I even took a nap, which usually helps, but this time I woke up and it was worse. Then since I just woke up, I wasn’t tired… so it was hard to rest… but I was in a lot of pain. I tried to drink some Gatorade and eat a granola bar, but felt so nauseous.

I was also worried if I would be able to run my half marathon the next day. I did some more lounging, and took more Advil. I really hate taking too much of that crap. I think I nodded off again. I finally felt like eating and ate an entire tub of mashed potatoes – you know half marathon the next day.

I finally went to sleep…. and I guess you will have to keep reading to find out if I made it to my half marathon….

Back to the subject of this post. Overall, Ganzo’s is a great spring race, Don’t let the higher cost deter you. It’s a race for all abilities, fun and organized well. Only suggested change would be an upgrade from Bud Light.


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