Am I ready for Grandma’s?

It’s time for Grandma’s Marathon, am I ready?

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To say I am ready to get back to Duluth is an understatement, you might have caught the post about all the reasons Grandma’s is the best. However, looking back – am I ready to run a marathon?

I rarely talk about the training for races, it’s all posted on Strava, Instagram or facebook…. it’s available if you really must know. I am just not sure I did enough this cycle.

If you remember, I ran the Illinois Marathon in April, it was my 22nd marathon on the 22nd of the month. Then, there were some smaller races in between including a few half marathons… then I was supposed to be training for Grandma’s. Here is the problem…. was I training?

I was really lazy, instead of picking a plan for this race and just counting the weeks backwards, I resorted to my husband, who is also training for Grandma’s. It first started out as, “Hey Josh, how many miles are you running today?” I would then attempt to run that workout or mileage.

Then I realized he was using some super advanced Brooks-Hansen method of training, and it was really tough! I admitted to him that I was trying to run what he was doing, and he was like, nah just cut it down.

I mean, I shouldn’t be worried, right? I ran 14 marathons last year, I know I can complete this race, but at no point do I, or will I ever take running a marathon as a joke. I need to feel like I trained.

I think the most confusing thing to the plan is that you never run longer than 16 miles, but you are always running longer mileage on tired legs. During the week there are 8 milers, 6 milers, nothing shorter really. I have done a version of this training plan before and I know it works, so why do I continue to doubt myself?

Well, my longest run I had to split into 2 runs, it was a crappy run. Thankfully my 2 best running friends talked me back down, and encouraged me to continue my training. They made me realize everyone has these thoughts, and you just do your best, and I know they have my back!

So, now the race is in 5 days (thank you Garmin countdown watch face.)

I am feeling some what confident. However, it’s mostly because I really do love this race, it will be my third time. I also get to meet up with many BibRave Pros, hope they keep the beer cold at the finish.


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