What’s new?

If you a frequent visitor to my blog discount page, you might have noticed something new and different.

Discounts from Zensah and Aftershokz!

In addition to my ambassadorship with Bibrave, (applications are currently open – tell em I sent you!) I have had the opportunity to join the Aftershokz Shokz Squad and expand my involvement with Zensah.



Zensah – VIP baby! Alright, maybe I am taking this a little too far…. back at the beginning of the year I was given a chance to be a brand ambassador for Zensah. Recently this has led me to the exclusive review club.  While this means great things for me, this means I am happy to share a 20% discount (referral link) with you! If you are not familiar with this company, check out their website. I love their compression socks, the foot bed is soooo soft!!


Aftershokz – Do you remember when I told you about the Trekz Titanium bluetooth headphones? The head phones that do not go in your ear, and allow you to hear your surroundings by using bone conduction? This is the great company that makes them! I am what is called a Shokz Star, and I will a collection of their headphones if you would like to demo them. YEP – that’s right, want to try out this crazy awesome technology? Well look me up!  I also have an awesome 15% savings code if you shop at aftershokz.com – use ANGIE1 (U.S. & Canada only)

I will be at the Corridor Running Fifth Season Race Expo, at the Cedar Rapids Double Tree, on July 3rd from 11 am – 7pm if you want to try the products, learn about BibRave or buy some headbands.



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