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Interact 5k – Race Review

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Josh and I happened to be in Guttenberg and stumbled upon the schedule of events for the summer Stars and Stripes Celebration the town was having, it mentioned a 5k. I actually ran this event 2 years ago, and hadn’t seen any information online about it, so I was glad we saw the flyer.


not sure if this was the actual name of the race?

The 2017 race was held on July 2, in Guttenberg, IA and started at 7 am. It was a gorgeous summer day, cool yet humid.

I am not sure this needs any explanation, but Josh and I walked/ran to the race start, it was just around 1.5 miles or so, but all down a giant hill. We walked most of it as the hill is along a busy highway and the path is on a steep bluff, running is challenging.

We made it to the Gazebo for registration. Along with missing the information online, I am not sure there was any place else you could register than race day. The registration table had some course maps.

This was an easy process, step up to the table, fill out a form, hand over $15. That was it…but you also got no shirt and no timing chip, just a bib. Easy peasy.

There were real bathrooms that are part of the river park, open to use. If you drove to the race, parking was easy to find on the streets.

The race was delayed a few minutes as the organizers were still entering registrants into their phone. The race is put on by high school kids, so maybe that is why there was the laid back atmosphere. They were raising money for a charity.

Everyone lined up behind the chalk starting line, and after a few words, we were told to “GO.”

The course is on paved surfaces in the city limits. There were no major potholes or hazards to watch out for.

Along the course were yard signs with information about binge drinking and underage drinking.  There was one water stop. The intersections were manned with volunteers or members of the fire department.

I thought I would give my best shot at racing this…heck why not? I actually didn’t feel like I started too fast, but I kept pushing myself. By the time I had climbed one of the few inclines to run the levy along the water, I was feeling the humidity. ¬†UGH! However, it was just one foot in front of the other, plus the views along the water were great!!! Then the course went behind and into the Lock and Dam area.

I still had about a mile to go, and it was the most boring part of the course, through the residential area…and with only 44 race participants, it really was extra boring…. at one time I hopped I was headed the right way, but I could see a volunteer in the distance.

I then turned to make the run down the home stretch. I kept pushing it. I hit stop on my Garmin at the chalk drawn finish line, and that is when my Garmin also buzzed for 3 miles. Eek… a little short, and my time was 26:53. I will take it though, I had a sub 9 minute mile pace.

I met up with Josh at the gazebo, and we discussed our races over a bottle of water. I wasn’t too hungry, but there were bananas and granola bars available. We snapped some photos and cheered on runners while we waited for results.

When everyone was done, we sat at a picnic table for the awards in the gazebo. They handed out the top 3 overall in male and female, speedy people!!! I think there were separate awards for kids too.

It was only 8:30 ish when all this was said and done, so before we made the trek back to the house on top of the hill, we browsed the farmers market. We each got a pastry, and snagged some coffee.

The walk back up the hill was fun… but by 10 am, the adventure was over. I like races that start early enough to allow you to still have most of your day.

Would I run this again? Yes, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there, if I am in town, I will drop the $15 for a fundraiser.

2 thoughts on “Interact 5k

  1. I would use them in my Asics- I think I ran through a puddle a couple runs ago and they could definitely use some freshening up! Thanks for the chance.

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