Winter Running

I have not been on a treadmill for close to a year, I have been braving the elements and running outdoors. If you dress appropriately, it can be done!

Winter in Iowa can be anything, this past month windchill temperatures have been 20 degrees F below zero, then there will be a warm up near 30 degrees. In the past I have used 10 degrees as my guide to hit the “dreadmill.” For some reason this year, I have been embracing my badass and braving the elements.

While I am no expert any anything, I do have some tips and tricks: (you might have seen some on FB or IG)

  • Do not stand around outdoors. Get moving once you are outside.
  • Gear:

Base layer – I make sure to have a wicking material against my body to grab the sweat – yes – you will sweat… you want that sweat off your body.

Socks – I do fine with Zensah socks, but wool is a great option. It allows your feet to breathe while keeping them warm.

More layers, and all of them. I make sure my sweaty  (wicking) layer is not exposed to the elements, by adding another shirt, and I tuck it in, reducing chance of skin exposure. I have many pants, sometimes I’ll wear fleece lined or add wind pants. I wear a pullover on the top as it allows me to move easier than a coat.

Accessories: I wear a my SPIbelt to hold my phone, I wear at the small of my back to keep it warm, under a pullover. I add a BUFF®️ and my AfterShokz are always under my hat. I have my trusty Pearl Izumi gloves, and will add mittens on top. I try to never forget glasses to protect my eyes too (keep them from your face to allow air to move around the lens)

  • Stay moving. The moment you stop, glasses will fog as the air stops moving around the lens. Also by moving, your muscles stay warm.
  • When you are done, get that sweaty layer off! That will make you cold.
  • Immediately hop into a hot shower or sauna.
  • Brag to all your friends that you are a badass, and the weather has nothing on you!

Once you are wearing the appropriate gear, and you get moving, you wont be cold.

For me it’s about acclimation, the first few runs are bad, but once I am used to an extreme temperature I am fine, when it starts changing back and forth is when I have a problem. See you outside!

One thought on “Winter Running

  1. I’m still struggling with this one. Treadmilling it so far this year except for 2 runs… Kudos to you Angie!

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