Kayaking in Iowa City

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I finally did it… I tried kayaking.

I mentioned in a post related to this BUFF®️ campaign that I wanted to push myself and explore the urban adventure in Iowa City, kayaking was one of those activities.

It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon. I had some time, so I drove myself the 4 miles from my house to the Terry Trueblood recreational area. Lots of free parking spots available, bathrooms, ice cream and food.

The local outdoor store, Fin and Feather runs a rental business in the summer. You can rent a canoe, kayak, paddle board or paddle boat,

Once I parked my car, I grabbed my phone and plastic bag to put it in and my bottle of water.

I walked up to the rental area and was greeted by a worker, “would you like to rent?”

I remarked that I would like to try kayaking. I was given a form to sign – in 3 different places. Then I was given the oar and an oversized life jacket. If I went overboard, it was going to slip over my head.

I was told to then follow the trail to the water and I would be greeted and helped to a kayak. Well, there was someone there and they pointed to a kayak. I crawled in and was given a note about using my hips to balance, then shoved away from shore.

EEK! Ok, I should note that I have canoed a few times before, so I was familiar with this kind of water activity, but it’s different.

There was a slight breeze, so not only was I trying to feel comfortable, I was trying not to panic.

I paddled out further and noticed something weird.. I was sticking too close to the shore, I was hitting the bottom of the lake with my paddle, oops. SO I tried to go more towards the center of the lake. Hmmmm, where should I go?

The lake is not that big and after a few minutes I felt I had the hang of it, so I went a little further. Then I felt comfortable enough to take a photo. Whoa… it’s hard to selfie in a kayak, but I made the best of it.

After some people watching and just floating around, I was bored. Sure, it’s kinda fun. I just think if I had a task or somewhere to go, or if a friend were to join, I wouldn’t be bored.

I saw that some how I had wasted an hour of my time, so I paddled back to the shore. The rental is $13 and hour, and then they prorate the charge ever quarter hour.

When I got close, the workers were busy and I was not sure what to do. I did manage to successfully beach the boat, but to get out, I would have to step in the water. It looked shallow enough, and I had survived the time with not going overboard, now was not the time to fall in. Plus what do I do with the paddle?

I managed to gracefully exit the kayak, whew! I then pulled it up further onto the beach. I asked the worker if that was ok, she said “Yep.” SO, I just walked back to the rental place and returned my life jacket and paddle. They asked my name and I checked out. That’s it!

Now, I have always thought about doing this, I am glad I just went ahead and did it. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is simple, easy and only takes an hour of your time.

So what’s next… hmm should or could I do stand up paddle boarding?

*This is unlike any other product campaign I have been a part of, a review is not required. However, I would like to share that this is a great visor!! It has an adjustable strap on the back, so it will fit any head. It also is made of a lightweight technical material. I also love the bright color.

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