Week 3 100 Mile Recap

One more week to go, YOU CAN DO IT!! (Insert Rob Schnieder gif)

Ok, if anything, this challenge has proven my really bad photo editing skills, but hey I am just having some fun. Your photos of motivation and encouragement are great!

Getting right to the meat of the post, PRIZES!!! Winners of Corridor Running shirts are as follows:

  • Tim O. (Column I)
  • Christina B (Column DS)

Congratulations! I will be in touch!

I always like to highlight those brands that make this challenge possible. If you can please thank these people: Corridor Running, BibRave, Aftershokz, MarathAng Bands, IRP/Flannigan’s and the Hawkeye 50k. I can’t do this without them.

The Hawkeye 50k is an ultra right in our backyard. It takes place in April and involves a spillway crossing! There is a 25k distance and a 10 mile distance. If you log 100 miles you will be entered into a free entry. This race also has a sister event that takes place in the fall as well. The race is in Solon, IA on all kinds of terrain, if you want more information you can ask as I have run both the spring and fall events – or just check out their website. Registration is open!

If you were clicking around on the Hawkeye website, you might also have stumbled upon the Winter Challenge. That’s right the race is put on by the running store which is hosting a challenge this winter. I am making sure to mention this to all of you as I know when November is over, people are looking to continue their activity. Follow this link and prompts to get started on the next challenge – https://werunllc.com/we-run-winter-challenge?fbclid=IwAR34Oqr2Vd6q2AnwfQQVfUh4_01qKII4swBNBmF-Qe4Z8Hrq7bzxc-g7t-k I know you do not have to live in the area to participate.

I know I am throwing a lot your way, but one last reminder before time runs out – sign up for the Aftershokz BOGO Black Friday deal NOW!!!! Ok you should all know I am an ambassador for these headphones, but really they are one of the best inventions and gear for running! By signing up you are adding yourself to the email list so you know when the deal goes live!!! What is the deal – you purchase a pair of Aftershokz and you are given an unboxed pair of Titanium to gift. Use this link to sign up Givegoodvibez.aftershokz.com 

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